When you upload status videos in Marathi and your friends on WhatsApp have the same mother tongue, your status video will get traction and attention instantly. Depending on your mood at the time, you can download status videos accordingly and upload them on your social media platforms. 

There is no better way of expressing feelings than uploading status on WhatsApp for friends to check out. You can upload love status Marathi videos, heart touching status Marathi quotes, and emotional Marathi song status. However, you need to first go for the video status download. We will illustrate how to download unlimited Marathi WhatsApp video status in this article. 

Part 1: Best Marathi status video downloader

There are two scenarios where you would want to download Marathi status video. You can download someone’s WhatsApp video status and save it for future reference. At the same time, you can also download Marathi status videos from video streaming platforms so that you can upload to your WhatsApp status. We recommend Snaptube app for downloading WhatsApp Marathi status for free.

Snaptube and its features

Snaptube is a free audio and video downloader app. It does not put any restriction on downloading any video. You get to download videos even in HD resolution or in multiple file formats. Here are the main features of Snaptube app that make it the best video downloader app.

  • Various resolution available, starting from 144p to 1080p resolution.
  • Download any status videos instantly and save them for future reference.
  • Download status video in any desired file format as per the availability.
  • Download status video from 100+ online video streaming platforms. 
  • Verified by renowned security companies, thus, the app is 100% safe
  • Play the downloaded Marathi status
best Marathi status video downloader

How to download and use Snaptube?

Here are the steps on how to download Marathi status video for free using Snaptube app.

Step 1: Download Snaptube app

First, go to Settings> Safety & Privacy> and turn on the Install from External Sources option. Thereafter, download APK file of Snaptube. Tap on the APK file after downloading and install Snaptube app.

download snaptube app

Step 2: Paste the video URL  

Launch Snaptube and search for status videos. Or copy the URL of the status video from any online video streaming platform, then paste the copied URL into the search box. Either way you will see the video with the download option.

earch for status videos on snatube

Also, for the simpler way, if you want to download someone’s WhatsApp Marathi status, you can launch Snaptube directly and select WhatsApp from the supported platform. Thereafter, all your contact status will be displayed there. 

download WhatsApp Marathi status

Step 3: Download the video 

In order to download the selected status video, tap on the Download icon. Select the video resolution and video file format and wait patiently for the video status to get downloaded on your phone. Thereafter, you can upload the downloaded status video on your WhatsApp account.

download marathi status video

Part 2: List of WhatsApp status Marathi

Here is the list of Marathi WhatsApp status videos that you can download with Snaptube and upload on your WhatsApp status.

1. Love status Marathi video 

If you are in love and you want to express it cryptically to your friends, you can upload Marathi love status video. In fact, you can upload love status video in Marathi exclusively for your special person and dedicate the video to your love. Here’s a great collection of love status videos that you can trim and upload as your status.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyN9u97OADM

2. Marathi emotional status video

There are times when you go through a breakup phase in your life. You want to share your inner feeling with the rest of the world by uploading emotional and sad status videos on your WhatsApp status. Here is the best Marathi emotional status video of a woman rejecting a man just because he is not rich. The story will surely touch your heart. 

Link – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/kkM19pgA1nc

3. Heart touching status in Marathi

There are always audiences for checking out heart touching status in Marathi. And yet, there is nothing better than uploading heart touching movie scenes and dialogues in Marathi. Here is the best heart touching status that you can upload on WhatsApp and you will surely get traction and appreciation from your friends. 

Link – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/uKXVpG8Rf6A

4. Motivation status Marathi video

Every one of us needs some motivation in life as we get demotivated very easily. This is a perfect Marathi motivation status video from a motivational speaker and it will surely energize you and your friends when you upload it on WhatsApp status. 

Link – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/qlm69AfLfN8

5. Attitude status Marathi video 

If you are someone who loves to showcase your attitude and personality to others, you might want to upload attitude status video in Marathi. Everyone loves to watch attitude videos, so they have refreshing content and sudden twists for entertaining value. Here is the collection of boys’ and girls’ attitude videos that you can upload wholesome as well as partially after trimming.

Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTJXpztLKlM

Part 3: FAQs 

Can I download someone’s WhatsApp status Marathi?

Yes, you can download someone’s WhatsApp status Marathi instantly with Snaptube. However, if it is exclusive content of the user, you should ask for his/her permission before downloading and reusing it in the future. 

Where can I find Marathi status video to download?

There are two ways to download Marathi status videos. One, you can download someone’s WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Marathi status by logging in through Snaptube. Two, you can also download Marathi status videos from video streaming platforms by copying the URLs and pasting them on Snaptube.

updated by Chief Editor on Jul 21, 2022