What’s more relaxing than watching comedy videos? There are many websites and mobile apps where you can find funny videos. The only problem is how to save the videos on the phone and share them with friends on WhatsApp? Don’t worry, this article will share the best free app to download comedy videos for free and the top 10 latest comedy videos to watch. 

How to Download the Best Comedy Video for WhatsApp

Snaptube is the easiest and safest way to download comedy WhatsApp videos that you watch on the internet. This app has many amazing features like live streaming, browsing social media sites for videos, and saving them with up to 4K resolution. What’s more, you can download comedy videos from more than 100 social platforms at zero cost. 

To use Snaptube for comedy video downloading, read the following instructions.

free download videos with snaptube


Step 1. Open Snaptube after installation

Before using the Snaptube application, you need to download it from its official website or the given button below. It won’t take you more than several seconds and it’s totally safe to download. After installation, launch the app.

Step 2. Search new WhatsApp comedy videos

You can directly watch videos from the Snaptube app main interface. Or you can go for comedy videos download by searching related keywords in its search box. Then you will get more choices. 

new short comedy download

It is advisable to subscribe to some comedy channels so that the app’s algorithm automatically detects your preference and brings highly preferred videos on the home screen.

Step 3. Download funny videos for WhatsApp

Once the video will start playing, tap on the “Download” button that will be given below every video screen. It will ask you to choose video quality. If you want to share it on WhatsApp, choose the standard definition that can be easily uploaded.

comedy videos download select resolution

Wait for the completion of the process. When it’s done, enjoy by playing in Snaptube’s inbuilt player or forward it to your WhatsApp friends, simply by tapping the Share button. 

The Top 10 Short Comedy Videos for WhatsApp Sharing

  1. Short film “The Elevator”

The short film shows that a man encountered several extreme drawbacks when using the elevator. The scene in the short film is so real, that you will definitely feel a sense of substitution after watching. Download this comedy video using Snaotuve to share with your friend.

  1. SHORT MAN Emmanuella and Pawpaw (Mark Angel Comedy) (East Comedy) (Episode 55)

This African comedy vine contains too much laughter that you cannot resist sharing. A man wants to exchange his broken money for someone else, but it turns out to be self-defeating… No one can stop laughing after watching it.

  1. Most Funniest Mark Angel Comedy (Emmanuella Comedy)

Come see what funny things a clever and naughty kid does at school! The Video is posted by John Odunayo on 10 June 2019. Till now, it is viewed by 12,238,289 people and has got 510,000 likes.

  1. Best Funny Videos – Funny Compilation Happen Unexpectedly

This eight-minute video contains dozens of hilarious incidents that happened unexpectedly in China. Watching it is guaranteed to make you laugh from ear to ear.

  1. Best Funny Videos – Try to Not Laugh

In this video, you never know what funny things will happen in the next second. This must be the best funny video in 2022, don’t miss it!

  1. Picnic Lunch The BEAN WAY | Mr Bean Funny Clips | Mr Bean Official

Everyone knows who is Mr Bean and what he does to make others laugh. Nobody in this world can resist after watching hilarious and full of stupidity videos. You must have seen him when you were a kid. This is one of the most classic comedy clips of Mr Bean! No matter how many times you watch it, you will laugh loudly.

  1. DOWN Comes the FAIL! | Best Funny Fails | AFV 2022

Are you looking for some unexpected incidents that happened in people’s daily life? If yes, then this is the best video on the internet to watch. They fell hard but I’m sorry I really couldn’t stop laughing! This is a collection of human unlucky events.

  1. Really funny short clips

These video clips are so real and funny, which one reminds you of your friend? Download and share with him/her in WhatsApp!

  1. Try Not To Laugh – “FAILS INCOMING!” Best Funny Videos Compilation 2021

The funniest short videos in 21 years are all here. While watching it, you might laugh so hard that even can’t breathe!

  1. [4 HOUR] Try Not to Laugh Challenge! Funny Fails | Funniest Videos | AFV

Download this 4-hour collection of funny videos now! No matter where you start to watch, you will have a happy time.

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