We tend to use WhatsApp or any other social site to showcase our emotions. For instance, if you are feeling blue then you might think of posting a sad WhatsApp status video. Moreover, some people are not depressed and just simply enjoy watching sad video status. 

So, where to get the videos you need?  

Although WhatsApp does not provide its users with an option to search or download these status videos, there are many applications available on the Internet through which you can easily get numerous sad WhatsApp status videos. 

Free Download Sad WhatsApp Status Using Snaptube

We will use Snaptube video downloader for the given task. It’s free and has no download limit。

You can not only get the sad status download from WhatsApp but from other social sites as well. Simply by searching related keywords within the Snaptube app. 

Moreover, this app allows you to download videos in multiple formats and resolutions. Now let’s have a closer look at how to use Snaptube to search, watch, and get unlimited sad videos downloaded for WhatsApp. 

sad status video download with snaptube


Step 1: Download Snaptube app: Click on the download button. When it is downloaded, give it the needed permission to install the Snaptube app. 

Step 2: Search for videos: By entering certain keywords, like “sad Shayari status video download”, you will have access to all the available video results found online, along with the Download option. You can watch each video and download it per your needs. 

sad Shayari status video download

Note: To save videos from your WhatsApp contacts,  you can use the WhatsApp Status Saver feature of Snaptube. All WhatsApp videos you have viewed will be there. 

whatsapp status saver with snaptube

Step 3: Download and share videos: Upon tapping on the Download button you will see the resolution option. You can choose the 1080p high quality or a lower resolution but with a faster download speed. 

All the videos you download via Snaptube can be found in the My File tab, where you can choose to upload to WhatsApp or share with your friends. 

mood off status video download

Many apps are not secure and contain numberless advertisements that could irritate you. However, Snaptube is completely safe through which you can get mood off status video download. It is extremely simple to use. 

What Else Does Snaptube Offer? 

  • Extract song/music from any sad status video.
  • Smart recommendations for trending music and videos.
  • Download videos from FB, INS, Vimeo, Dailymotion and 50+ sites. 
  • Built-in player to watch and download videos at the same time. 

Some Popular Sad Status Videos for You

Many people like to express their feelings through their WhatsApp status as it is the most convenient way without even saying anything to anyone. However, it is hard to find sad videos that could match your feelings. As Snaptube allows you to download videos from YouTube, here is the list of the most popular and top sad status videos from which you can select the best one that touches your heart. 

Tip: You can copy the following sad status video link and paste it on to Snaptube to save it on your phone.


People can deceive you if you are innocent and have a pure heart. If you are betrayed by someone whom you loved immensely, this could be the perfect status video for you.


When someone you adore so much dies in front of your eyes, you feel like you have lost your whole world. This video status from the Indian movie New York portrays the perfect example of such a situation.


The power of love is unbeatable. Indeed the journey of love is not easy but love gives you the courage to fight with anyone even if you are opposed by the entire world. If you are suffering from such circumstances, this status video is definitely for you.


Leaving the person who has a place in your heart is extremely difficult. Such a condition breaks a person’s heart into a million pieces. This status video is certainly heart-wrenching for everyone who watches it.


Jubin Nautiyal is one of those singers who have beautiful voices and can attract listeners. This lyrical status video of Jubin Nautiyal’s song  “Humnava Mere” is perfect for you if you are missing someone.


Has someone left you in the past because of your financial conditions and now you have become a better version of yourself, but still miss that person? Then this status perfectly summarizes your situation.


Separation from the person whom you loved the most is one of the most heartbreaking situations. You feel like a completely lost person, and every other thing reminds you of that person. Is this how you feel right now? If yes, this status video is definitely for you. 


Have you ever been manipulated by someone you loved the most? And now you don’t trust anyone because of that person and think that nothing in this world can benefit you? Then this sad status lyrical video is definitely for you. 


Losing the people you love is the worst situation. The thought itself can break your heart into pieces, but many people have experienced such conditions in their lives. This status video portrays the emotions of those people.


Nowadays, people feel that their lives are completely damaged because of their day-to-day tensions. They pretend to be happy in front of their family and friends as they do not want to make them upset. Can you also relate to this situation? Then this is the perfect sad status video for you. 

Some Mood Off Status Quotes

You can also post quotes and pictures on WhatsApp too. Have a look at some of these image quotes and do the WhatsApp sad status download as per your requirements.

sad whatsapp status video
sad shayari status video download
sad shayari video download
sad status video
sad status download
sad video status
mood off status video download
sad whatsapp status video
sad shayari status video download
sad shayari video download

You May Also Wonder

How to download WhatsApp status video?

To download the WhatsApp status video on your Android device, firstly you have to download Snaptube and then click on the WhatsApp Video section on the home screen. You can even paste the URL of the video that you like and then download it by selecting the resolution you prefer.

How can I download sad songs with Snaptube?

Snaptube is not only a wonderful app to download videos, but you can use this app to download any type of music as well. To do so, you can search for sad songs on Snaptube and click on the download button. After this, tap on “Download video as music” and select the format. Lastly, listen to your favorite song on the go. 

updated by Chief Editor on Jun 29, 2022