Our smartphones have become an integral part of our life now. We use them to order food, play games, listen to our favorite songs, stream movies, stay in touch with our friends, make payments, and do so much more. By using the right kinds of apps, you can certainly make your life so much better. To help you, we have come up with a comprehensive list of some of the must-have free Android apps that every user should try.

Part 1. Entertainment

1. Snaptube

One of the best free apps for Android out there, it will let you watch movies, music videos, TV shows, and so much more. It has a fast-loading player that supports HD streaming. Since the app has integrated various video sharing platforms together, it hosts unlimited content. Extremely easy to use, it supports a picture-in-picture mode. Therefore, you can watch the videos of your choice while multitasking.
snap tube for android

2. Lark Player

Lark Player is an ultimate solution for listening to all songs available on the internet whether they are in audio or video format. This is actually a music player that can play both online as well as offline songs with just one touch. A search bar is given on top that allows the users to access all songs available at platform. It can be used to play audio and video files in almost every format but the interface is specifically meant for audio playing. On the home page of lark, this app provides 6 major options including songs, video, playlist, discover, artist and album. To discover the music of your choice, tap on discover section and gain access to worldwide songs including top Indian tracks, latest Indian music, billboard or top list of iTunes. Emerge in the world of music with online and offline songs anywhere and anytime.
lark player

3. TuneIn Radio

Listen to hundreds of radio stations for free using TuneIn Radio. The free application will use your phone’s data to stream music. You can mark favorites, filter radio stations, browse different genres, and more.

free using TuneIn Radio

4. Pandora

Pandora is another freely available Android app to listen to unlimited music. You can tune in to various radio stations, discover new artists, and personalize your music experience.

freely available Android app

5. TubiTV

TubiTV supports all the leading Android devices and has a decent collection of TV shows and movies. While you won’t find a lot of latest content, it will certainly meet your basic entertainment needs for free.


Part 2. Social and Connectivity

1. Flipboard

This essential Android app will make your social experience more pleasing. You can get a magazine-like interface and connect your social platforms together. This will make it easier for you to stay updated.


2. Snapchat

Snapchat is the latest cool kid in the town. Almost all the Millennials are on Snapchat due to its user-friendly interface and the availability of content. You can share snaps with your friends, post stories, or chat with your contacts via self-destructive messages.


3. WhatsApp

Most likely, you must already be an active user of WhatsApp. Being one of the biggest messaging and social apps in the world, it is used by more than a billion people. You can chat with your friends, call them, share media files, and do so much more using this amazing app.

an active user of WhatsApp

4. Skype

For years, Skype has been used to make video and audio calls. Even today, you can use this freely available app on your device and connect with your friends easily. If you want, you can also use Skype for work.

make video and audio calls.

Part 3. Security

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

One of the most reliable free Android apps out there is Kaspersky mobile antivirus. It has a free as well as a premium version with a malware detection rate of 98%. The app will keep scanning your phone on a real-time basis to protect it from any malware attack.

Kaspersky mobile antivirus

2. Firefox Focus

If you are tired of pop-ups and unwanted ads while browsing the net, then use Firefox Focus. This lightweight browser will block ads, cookies, trackers, and more to let you have a seamless browsing experience. It also erases browsing history automatically.

tired of pop-ups and unwanted

3. Truecaller

Want to identify callers from unknown numbers? Truecaller will let you know who is calling you even before picking up the call. It can also be used to block spam calls, messages, etc.

picking up the call

Part 4. Work

1. WPS Office

Even though Microsoft has made a lot of apps freely available on Play Store, users need to download them one by one. For a hassle-free experience, you can just download the entire WPS office suite. It supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all the commonly used applications for work. If you want to make use of PDF files, you may need a third-party tool.

available on Play Store,

2. AirDroid

Manage your smartphone on your system using this amazing app. Just download its free app on your Android and connect your computer with it. In this way, you can easily access, manage, and transfer data from one source to another.

system using this amazing app

3. Evernote

Evernote has been around for a while and is known as one of the best freeware Android apps for productivity. You can take notes on your device (or desktop) and sync them easily. Include media, save screenshots, sync notes, and do so much more.

freeware Android apps for productivity

Part 5. Education

1. Amazon Kindle

A must-have app for every reader, Kindle will let you read your favorite books on the go. There are both, free and paid books available on Kindle that you can read on your phone.

Kindle will let you read your favorite book

2. Coursera

If you want to learn something new, then Coursera would be an ideal app for you. You can find free and paid courses from various globally reputed universities on the app. After completion, you will get a certificate for the specific course as well

then Coursera would be an ideal app

3. Lynda

Lynda is quite similar to coursera. Though, most of the courses are related to work and skill development. Therefore, you can get more practical knowledge from the app. It has a free as well as a paid version.

similar to coursera

Part 6. Fitness

1. Fitnet

Fitnet is one of the best workout and fitness related free apps for Android phones. It features mini workouts of 3 to 7 minutes for all those who find it hard to manage time for a dedicated workout session.

fitness related free apps for Android phones

2. Freeletics

Freeletics feature all kinds of simple workouts that you can do without any added equipment. Simply watch various workout videos or get in touch with a professional using the app.

Simply watch various workout videos

3. Nike + Running

Developed by Nike, the app will track your run and let you know how much energy you have burnt. It will also give you tons of other metrics. You can compete with your friends, sync it with wearable devices, and set goals.

give you tons of other metrics

Part 7. Others

1. Offtime

If social media or games keep distracting you at work, then you should try Offtime. Set restrictions on your device and block all the unwanted apps. This will increase your productivity for sure.

keep distracting you at work

2. Send Anywhere

As the name suggests, the app will let you share documents to any other device over the air. Simply match a one-time-password and share data between mobiles, computers, and other smart devices. The best thing is that the app supports a cross-platform and ultra-fast transfer.

the app will let you share documents

3. Discord

If you are a gamer, then you are going to love Discord. In multi-player games, you can chat with others using Discord. The voice chat will be encrypted so that you can get to know your opponent or make game plans.

In multi-player games

Go ahead and download some of these free cell phone apps for Android and change the way you use your smartphone.

updated by Chief Editor on 5月 13, 2022