The demand for downloading apps for Android devices is rising but only a few can meet the expectations. If you search online, countless names of renowned apps and their duplicate versions are available. some of them serve the purpose where is others are only meant for spreading malware threats. If you are not aware of an app’s credibility, it will result in serious consequences such as data loss. If you are looking for a reliable URL video downloader online tool, here is a list of some options to consider. We are enlisting a total number of 5 apps made for downloading multimedia stuff in Android devices. Check out how you can download any online video by URL. Also, we will let you know which one is the most suitable after comparing the features in detail.

Top 5 Apps to Download Video Online Using URL

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is a powerful free video downloader online using URL, specifically meant for downloading videos and audios from various online streaming websites. from here, you can expect the highest video resolution of 4K to download. Currently, more than 3 billion users are using this app is safe to install and use because the security is verified by McCafe, Lookout security, and CM security service providers. With PIP mode, you can minimize the video screen while multitasking. The latest updates of Snaptube are coming with dark mode for convenient access at night.
snap tube for android

2. TubeMate

TubeMate is a simple yet feature-rich Android app capable of downloading videos from various online streaming platforms. This app has a simple user interface showing the latest video suggestions. for the convenience of users, TubeMate has provided more than 20 bookmarks of supportive websites on the list. the highest resolution of video supported by TubeMate is 1920 x 1080. There are some glitches in TubeMate while generating the download link. You may be directed to other App pages while using it.

3. VidMate

this is the most suitable mobile application for those who always stay active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On its home screen, you can see options categorized in WhatsApp status, image, funny, music, dance and TV shows. It can also download videos with a resolution of up to 4K. The most annoying thing in Vidmate is its advertisements in the middle of the content. Without even letting you know, some apps will be downloaded.

4. TubeX

TubeX is a kind of alternative but upgraded with some more productive features. Just like other similar apps, TubeX is also capable of downloading video content in multiple resolutions and extracting its sound only in different bitrate qualities. The biggest issue with this app is late updates. you might miss some significant features that are currently provided by other competitor apps.

5. Trump Tube

This is a lightweight Android application meant for meeting the need for multimedia content. You can explore various websites with this app. Some websites will be bookmarked on the home screen for your convenience to assess. However, it fails to generate downloading links in some cases. You can consider it as a great online streaming app but cannot be trusted for downloading purpose.

Best Option to Download Online Video by URL

After comparing the features of all five URL to video download online free applications, we came to this conclusion that Snaptube is the best option to consider. Here are some reasons why we prefer this app to do online video download using URL.

  1. 4K resolution for downloading is not available in all apps. Only Snaptube and Vidmate have this option. Still, the user interface and downloading speed of Snaptube is much better.
  2. Malicious links and annoying ads are not present in the Snaptube app. While exploring video or audio content, you will remain safe from accidentally opening any app downloading link.
  3. You can download any online video by URL, entering its keyword, or explore from the available content on the homepage.
  4. By signing up with a Google account, you will be able to download all personalized video content.
  5. Snaptube is more frequently updated with new features as compared to other options. You can try its beta version for some amazing stuff.

Now you can easily figure out by Snaptube is a better option than other apps available in the market. Despite containing premium features, it is absolutely free to use for everyone.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022