Downloading a URL in MP4 is a long-time struggle that many users face. For downloading a single video, we need to first open a website on the laptop, paste the URL there, download the video, and then transfer it to the Android device. Now, this obviously takes a lot of time and not everybody makes so much effort for music videos they really need on their phone. Most drop it and just save the video in a playlist instead. However, we have found a solution to this. Use Snaptube application for downloading URL to MP4 format.

Part 1. Best App for Downloading Link to MP4

Snaptube is an Android application, which has brought together a number of functionalities. The app allows users to utilize a number of platforms for free. Further, you can pick the URL of the videos you want to download, simply paste it in Snaptube’s search bar, and download the video to your mobile memory. Snaptube, in fact, doesn’t even mandate its users to sign-up or register to use the full features of the app.
snap tube for android

  • Snaptube has integrated numerous platforms in one app to allow user unlimited access to entertainment.
  • Snaptube’s loader is exceptionally efficient and users won’t have to wait for a long duration just for their video to buffer.
  • The app is free of charge and there is no fee for any feature or functionality present in the application.
  • Snaptube does not harm your phone or Android device as it is security verified by CM Security, Lookout Security, and McAfee.
  • The app is highly user-friendly, so much so that users can find their way through Snaptube in a matter of minutes.

Part 2. How to Convert URL to MP4 with Snaptube

For utilizing amazing and excellent features of this amazing URL to MP4 converter, check out the below steps for detailed guidance.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Device

You need to first install this URL MP4 downloader on your Android device. Snaptube is a lightweight app, hence, it takes only a few minutes to download. Once the app is downloaded, tap on the file from the notification bar and launch it on your phone.

convert url to mp4

Tip: For using Snaptube to its complete potential, you can explore the platforms on the app and directly stream HD videos and music contents from the app itself.

Note: If you have disabled third-party app download in your phone settings, it is unlikely that you will be able to download Snaptube on your Android device. To enable it, visit Settings of your phone and go to Security & Privacy. From here, you can find and enable install unknown apps.

Step 2. Copy a Video Link

For example, if while surfing your Instagram application, you find a video that you wish to have on your Android device, just copy its URL. Afterward, go to your Snaptube and paste the URL into the search bar. Hit the enter button and wait for a second.

download url to mp4

Step 3. Convert Link to MP4

The video will appear on the screen and you will automatically get an option to download it through a downward yellow arrow. You will see this arrow at the bottom of your screen. Tap on it and download the MP4 file.
url to mp4 downloader
When you press the download tab, you will be asked to choose the type of file, whether you want to download it in MP3 or MP4 format? Choose MP4.

Using a similar method, you can download URL to MP4 format from other platforms as well. You only need to copy the URL, paste it in Snaptube search bar, and enjoy unlimited downloads.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022