Since the rapid increase in Internet speed, Facebook has become an alternative for watching videos. At this platform, a video goes viral much faster than any other alternative. The only problem persists with Facebook website or application is the unavailability of downloading feature. You can save the video but it can only be played in its official app. Sometimes, you need a video for watching or showing others in offline mode or want to send it to somebody else through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this situation, it is essential to have a powerful app to save Facebook video. In the below article, you will come to know about a unique application that can turn this thought into reality.

Part 1. Get the Best Facebook Video Saver

It has become very difficult to choose a useful Facebook video saver app from the heap of malicious and useless apps. Most of them claim to provide you high definition quality, offline saving mode and many other commitments but end up with spams and annoying advertisements. Also, many entertainment app development companies reserve these features for premium users only. If you are facing the above problems, try Snaptube.
snap tube for android
Snaptube gives you the freedom to watch the video of your choice anywhere whether there is an internet connection or not. Also, you can save the video in any resolution without restriction of premium subscription barrier. In addition to Facebook, you can also quickly access to multiple video platforms in one place.

Part 2. How to Save a Video from Facebook

Step 1. Download FB video saver on your phone

You can either click the Download button or visit Snaptube official site to download it on your Android phone. Follow the on-screen instruction to install the downloaded apk.

facebook video saver
After that, open Snaptube and click the Facebook bookmark on home page. Enter your valid ID and password in the interface of Facebook showing on screen.

Step 2. Search a video on Facebook

Once the ID is logged in, go to the search bar of Facebook and type the name of page, group or profile where the desired video is available.
how to save videos from facebook
For random access, you can also search for the pages that regularly upload new videos of different genres. Tap on any video file that you want to play and the video will start running.

Step 3. Save FB videos

Below the video playing area, a “download” button will be shown. Tap on it and all possible resolutions will open on the screen.
how to save a video from facebook
If the video is highest quality, Snaptube also gives you an opportunity to save it in 4K or 8K resolution. Just make sure that you have enough internet data for saving it. A Wi-Fi connection is preferred for heavy files.
Select the video quality of your choice and the process of saving will start in the background. Wait for some time and enjoy it in any video player later. It can also be shared with any other third party app like WhatsApp or vibe.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022