Ramzan is one of the longest festivals that last between 29 to 30 days as per the sighting of New moon. Every day, you must be looking for something new to celebrate and share with friends and family. However, in this lockdown period, it is not possible to meet everyone personally and share happiness. We have a reliable solution to this issue as social media.

Nowadays, we can easily find countless Ramzan status in Urdu through various social media platforms. The biggest issue is with their downloading restriction. Most of the eye-catching Ramzan status is are available on online streaming sites like Dailymotion. If you don’t know how to download status for Ramzan in Urdu from such kind of websites, we will help you. Our revolutionary Snaptube application is specifically meant for seamless online streaming as well as downloading the videos in multiple resolutions. Please scroll down if you want to gain more information on how to use it.
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List of some trending Ramadan Mubarak Urdu status


Steps to download Ramadan status in Urdu

Step 1. App downloading and installation

First of all, you must have to understand that Snaptube is only available for Android devices. Also, you will have to download it from the official website or third-party APK platforms. It would be better if you prefer the official site because it is free from malware threats and provide the latest versions. Download the app and tap on it to install. If the phone is asking for permission to download third-party apps, allow it because Snaptube is free from any potential cybersecurity threat.

Step 2. Exploring Ramzan statuses

It will take only a few seconds to install Snaptube and you become ready to download any Ramzan Mubarak status in Urdu. Currently, the month of Ramzan is already running. Type a keyword or paste URL in the search bar to explore the desired status. According to your previous search history, this app can also bring all popular Ramzan status to your home screen.

Step 3. Downloading procedure

Open any random Ramzan Mubarak Urdu status and play. If you like it, press the download icon in yellow color right below the video playing screen. The app will ask you to choose between any resolution as provided and start the downloading procedure. Once the downloading process is completed, you can put that video as status or share it with others as a greeting of holy Ramzan.

Some important features of Snaptube you must know

  • Get specially customized statuses

While putting a multimedia file as your status, it is important to check their size. video statuses are limited to a particular length such as 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and one minute. Therefore, your status must be already edited according to this time limit. At Snaptube, you can explore such kind of customized status easily to download.

  • Choose the best possible resolution as you wish

We always prefer the best possible resolution to watch videos both offline and online. However, finding a reliable source where videos up to 4K resolution are available is difficult. If you manage to find downloader providing high-resolution video options, they will also charge it as premium service. With Snaptube, you will get this feature for free of cost. This app allows you to choose a resolution between 144p to 4K. however, the highest possible resolution depends on its original quality uploaded on the server.

  • User-friendly interface

Snaptube almost looks like a typical web browser that we can easily operate without requiring anyone’s help even for the first time. This app has browsing features to explore any website through the search bar or bookmark section. if you sign in with your Google id, all personalized videos will be displayed on the home screen.

  • An alternative to various online streaming and social media websites

Snaptube can declutter a lot of apps from your mobile phone by providing an all in one solution. as we already mentioned, it is a kind of browsers that supports almost every website that we used on a regular basis. whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, you can sign in and use them through Snaptube. Moreover, it is also a great alternative. Developers have enhanced the potential to a new level.

  • Equipped with modern features

The latest version of Snaptube is equipped with modern features. It is not just an app for downloading videos but also provides you seamless experience of online streaming. One can enjoy unlimited videos without any annoying advertisement. It has options to choose between day and night mode for better viewing experience. Multitaskers can get the benefit of the picture in picture mode by minimizing its screen while opening any other application.

This is how you can download status about Ramadan in Urdu from the Snaptube app. We have mentioned this list of statuses just to give you a head start. Once started, you will be able to explore countless other interesting options for videos.

updated by Chief Editor on Feb 15, 2022