While scrolling through a webpage or surfing through a social media platform, you stumbled on a video and thought to yourself, “I need to download this video, but how can I get it?” If you have been in a situation like that then you need an MP4 download app that can grant you access to these videos. 

Today we are introducing Snaptube, an MP3 MP4 downloader app that allows you to download unlimited MP4 videos from any website for free. Read on to find out its powerful features!

The Best MP4 Download App – Snaptube 

Snaptube, an Android application that allows you to easily download videos of high quality. With over 300 million users and 15 million likes, it is a must-have application for every Android user that desires to have access to videos. 

This app has a massive video collection because it is supported by over 50 platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and many others. Snaptube provides you with limitless and 100% free video downloads. It is not only an MP4 downloader; with the same app, you can also download songs and convert your favorite videos to MP3 audio.

Snaptube mp4 download app

How to Use Snaptube to Download MP4 Videos

There are numerous third-party apps that support MP4 downloads, but the majority of these apps are malicious or even prohibitively expensive to use. Snaptube, on the other hand, is both free and secure. We’ll show you how to use it to download MP4 videos in this section.

Step 1: Download the Snaptube’s apk file 

Snaptube is accessible for all Android smartphones. However, the app is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download it using your Android browser.

Click the download button that is prominently displayed here, and then patiently wait for the apk file to fully download. Now locate the apk installation file and tap on it to install the Snaptube application.

Step 2: Launch Snaptube and find the video

To use Snaptube, you do not need to provide any personal information (no sign-in or registration is required). There are several methods for finding videos you want to download on Snaptube. 

When you launch the app, the top page features a search bar. Enter the video’s specific keywords/title or simply paste the video’s link into this search bar and click the search icon. 

The first page you arrive at is “For You.” On this page, you will find videos that you may find interesting. You can also search for supported platforms directly within the app.

search for mp4 movies in snaptube

Step 3: Finally download the video MP4

Snaptube allows all users to download videos in various video formats. To download the MP4 video, tap on the download button below it and select a video format and resolution based on your preference. Once you have selected a format the video starts downloading automatically.

download mp4 video

To keep track of your videos simply go to the “My Files” page, where you will find all videos downloaded in an organized manner.

Advantages of using Snaptube MP4 downloader 

100% free 

Snaptube is free, unlike other apps that allow you to download MP4 videos (most are paid). Snaptube has no premium version; all of the app’s features are available as soon as you install it.

Completely safe

As Snaptube users, we can assure you that using the app to save HD MP4 movies or videos to your phone will not harm your device. Well-known antivirus companies such as CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security also support Snaptube.

Unlimited batch downloads

Snaptube allows you to easily download videos for any purpose you want, with NO restrictions. You can also download multiple videos at once.

Supports various platforms 

As previously stated, Snaptube MP3 MP4 Downloader supports a variety of platforms that we use on a daily basis. It also allows you to browse through these platforms without leaving the app.

Easy to use

The MP4 download free application is incredibly simple to use; it is flawlessly created in a way that in a few clicks you can play, stream, and download MP4 mobile movies or videos on your device.

Related FAQs

How do I download an MP4 video from a website?

Simply copy the video’s link and paste it into Snaptube’s search bar to conduct a search. The video should appear in the search results in a few seconds. Download the video once you’ve found it.

Where are MP4 videos saved after being downloaded?

Any video that you download using Snaptube will be accessible in your gallery app or local storage. Additionally, on the Snaptube app, go to My Files > Downloads to access all downloaded MP3 and MP4 files.

updated by Chief Editor on Dec 28, 2022