An Android operating system has ended the monopoly of smartphone makers to an extent consequently it becomes affordable to large criteria of people. Right after the introduction of Android, its play store started getting overflowed with tons of useful apps, including MP4 downloader. Nowadays, everyone prefers online streaming over TV watching because of its playback control features. Still, there are some limitations in these apps that can only be opened by subscribing to the premium version. For example, the features like HD, 4K resolution and downloading MP4 video for offline watching are only available for paid users. If you are also facing the same problem, here is an ultimate solution to MP4 download.

Part 1. Snaptube: A Complete MP4 Video Downloader

As a feature-rich application of entertainment, you will find a lot in it to explore. Having Snaptube app in your Smartphone means there will be no boredom whether you are alone or with friends. Tap on “Download” and its .apk file will be downloaded on your Android device for free.
snap tube for android
Benefits of using Snaptube:

  • You can use it to save every kind of video in Smartphone’s memory and watch it where the network is not available.
  • Explore all YouTube channels on the basis of categories like movies, sports, news, TV or infotainment.
  • You can sign in to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to download MP4 videos in best possible resolution.
  • Choose multiple resolutions for saving a single video in your phone like 720p, 1080p, 1080p 60 fps and 4K.
  • It can also convert any video into an MP3 format for listening in music players of smartphone.

Part 2. How to Use Snaptube to Download Video in MP4

Before using it, keep one thing in mind that it is only available in .apk format so you must have Android Smartphone to install and use. Now it’s time to understand how to search, watch and download MP4 videos with Snaptube.

1. Once you install it in your Android device, just open the app and sign up with a google account. You can also use it without signing up but can’t access “channels” option.
snaptube app
2. At the home page, you will see a lot of recommended videos on the basis of your previous search through same Google account on other devices. Either select one of them or simply type a keyword in search bar to explore the relevant results. You can also enter the URL of a video streaming website to gain access for its whole content.
download video
3. When the video of your choice appears, a button of downloading will also be shown below the playing interface. Tap on it and you will see all possible options for downloading a single video. Some of them can also be availed in 2k or 4k resolutions. Along with video, the options of downloading it in audio format will also be shown. Select any of the options and it will be automatically saved in your Smartphone. While using the downloading feature of Snaptube, it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi connection to avoid excessive cellular data charges.
video downloader

updated by on Jun 04, 2020