As a frequent internet user, you must be aware of Instagram and its reachability among whole world. Instagram enables the users to post their daily life events in the form of video. Not just personalised network, but here you can also follow international celebrities and people who post crazy videos on Instagram every day. Either one can simply upload a pre-recorded video or go live to interact with followers. It is a great way to kill boredom and stay always connected with your loved ones. There are some popular Instagram videos which are currently trending among youth. Scroll down to watch Instagram video online.

Part 1. Get All Instagram Videos on Instagram Video App

If you are an active Instagram user and want some amazing videos to show on your profile then install Snaptube application on your Smartphone. It is a kind of app that has features like watching videos in PIP mode and exploring all video websites through a single search bar.
snap tube for android
After opening a specific video, the app will display an animating yellow button. Tap on it to save all videos in the physical storage of your Smartphone. After saving the video, one an upload it on any platform whether is Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Snaptube has a very easy to use interface that can be easily operated you a beginner too.

Part 2. Top 10 Popular Video Clips for Instagram

1)    Fitness girl motivation

If you want to see something really hot in gym videos then try this one. In this Instagram story video, a beautiful model is showing some workout tips by doing herself. I am sure that all men and women in your Instagram network will love it.

instagram stories video

2)  One second melon eating challenges

This video is trending on Instagram because people are eating and drinking at unbelievable speed. You can see some participants eating water melon pieces in 1 second. This is a few second Instagram video that will change your perception regarding eating speed of human being.

a few second Instagram video

3)   Vape smoke rings formation

This video will make you feel amazed how a guy is creating multiple rings with a Vape smoker with too much speed. The way he was playing with rings is very satisfying. It has got more than 3300 views till now. Actually smoking kills but you will surely become his fan after watching the video.

3300 views till now

4)   Deadpool 2 funny action

Add some fun to your life with videos of Deadpool. This is one of the unique characters of Marvel comics who can do lethal stunts and comedy at same time. This is the second part of Deadpool and everyone is expecting something better. More than 32000 people have viewed it on Instagram till now.

instagram video app

5)   Like a boss painted Looser on Porsche

Like a boss videos are trending rapidly on internet because of daring attitude of a girl. In this video, a girl came near fuel station where a white Porsche is standing. She suddenly sprayed looser word on car and ran away in daylight. More than 79000 people viewed it till now.

trending on Instagram

6)   Thug life tractors competetion

You can see two tractors tied with their back ends pulling each other in this Instagram video. It is a kind of competition in which Swaraj tractor defeated Mahindra brand by pulling it with full force. More than 16000 times, people viewed it on Instagram.

two tractors tied

7)   Attentionframes – Funny girl riding

This is a kind of funny video on Instagram in which a girl is riding mechanical horse in a restaurant seducing boys with her killer looks. The way how they are reacting to her expressions is really funny.

instagram video

8)  Negro dance extreme level

You may have seen so many dancers doing amazing dance steps but this one is simply unbelievable. The way how a Negro earing traditional dress bumped his legs seems like a machine is fitted inside.

Negro earing traditional

9)   Most satisfying video- Shimmering Seashells

Sometimes, some scenes satisfy you instead of giving any knowledge or other entertainment stuff. In this Instagram clip, you will see thick base of crystals with light pink colour. They are super flexible and can be modified in any desired shape. More than 1 Million people viewed it till now.

scenes satisfy you instead

10)  Australian DIY wood crafting for stairs

In your daily life, many things seem impossible to be done by a single person and this Instagram video is going to change your perception. He cut several pieces of board with a 3D cutter and fixed them is a pole to make stairs going upward to his roof.

video instagram

Part 3. 5 Instagram Video Accounts to Follow

1)   Logan Paul

Logan Paun is known for his funny videos on Instagram and currently 16.3 million followers. His Instagram is full of amazing and unbelievable videos. Currently, he has posted 819 contents which are liked by people from worldwide. Most of his videos are funny and humorous.

funny videos on Instagram

2)   Cristiano

He is a footballer who has fans from worldwide locations and now you can follow him on Instagram too. Cristiano is an active Instagram user who has posted 2248 contents on his account till now and 126 million people are currently following him.

instagram story video

3)   Kevin Hart

If you are looking for real fun on Instagram then follow the account of Kevin Hart. He is a well-known American comedian who has posted more than 5300 videos and images on this platform. Kevin is currently followed by 59.1 million fans.

full video instagram
Kevin Hart photographed for Variety by Pamela Littky on April 25, 2017 in LA, CA.
*Grooming: John Clausell; Wardrobe: Ashley North: Shirt: Neil Barrett; Pants: Acne

4)   Kim Kardashian

There is no internet user who is unknown to this famous name of the modelling industry. Kourtney has become a synonym of beauty, boldness and sexy figure. Her 4347 posts illustrate all curves and hotness that is why more than 111 million people are following here.

video clips for instagram

5) Selena Gomez 

In the list of most successful singers at current times, the name of Selena Gomez comes on top place. Due to the adorable beauty and amazing voice, more than 137 million people are following her. You can take a look at her personal life stuff in 1431 posts on Instagram.

most successful singers

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