Every football fan eagerly awaits the FIFA World Cup 2022. The exciting football fest is hosted by Qatar this year, and the first match is on November 20. For fans who can’t grab a seat in the stadium, many sports channels will be doing the FIFA World Cup 2022 live stream. You can enjoy the match highlights, download the football World Cup 2022 matches for free, and enjoy with your friends and family. 

But before we learn how to download the FIFA World Cup videos, let’s have a look at the matches and schedule of the football competition this year.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Dates

The football World Cup 2022, held once every four years, starts on November 20, 2022, which is a Sunday. The first match is between the host country Qatar and Ecuador, starting a challenging fight between 32 teams to win the coveted championship. 

The teams are divided into eight groups to compete among each other, and the last group-level match is on December 3. After that, winners from the group level move on to the next round of 16, followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and ultimately the finals, which are held on December 18. The World Cup has a huge fanbase, with fans speculating about the winners much before the start of the competition.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier & Schedule

The qualifying stages of the FIFA World Cup began way back in June 2019. The six confederations associated with the World Cup held the qualifiers according to their own timeline, ultimately picking 32 teams split into eight groups. The first qualifier match was played between Mongolia and Brunei on June 6, 2019. Due to COVID, the qualifiers were rescheduled several times. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier & Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule – Group Wise

Group A

November 20Qatar v/s Ecuador
November 21Senegal v/s Netherlands
November 25Qatar v/s Senegal
November 25Netherlands v/s Ecuador
November 29Netherlands v/s Qatar
November 29Ecuador v/s Senegal

Group B

November 21England v/s Iran
November 21USA v/s Wales
November 25Wales v/s Iran
November 25England v/s USA
November 29Wales v/s England
November 29Iran v/s USA

Group C

November 22Argentina v/s Saudi Arabia
November 22Mexico v/s Poland
November 26Poland v/s Saudi Arabia
November 26Argentina v/s Mexico
November 30Poland v/s Argentina
November 30Saudi Arabia v/s Mexico

Group D

November 22Denmark v/s Tunisia
November 22France v/s Australia
November 26Tunisia v/s Australia
November 26France v/s Denmark
November 30Tunisia v/s France
November 30Australia v/s Denmark

Group E

November 23Germany v/s Japan
November 23Spain v/s Costa Rica
November 27Japan v/s Costa Rica
November 27Spain v/s Germany
December 1Japan v/s Spain
December 1Costa Rica v/s Germany

Group F

November 23Morocco v/s Croatia
November 23Belgium v/s Canada
November 27Belgium v/s Morocco
November 27Croatia v/s Canada
December 1Croatia v/s Belgium
December 1Canada v/s Morocco

Group G

Date Fixtures
November 24Switzerland v/s Cameroon
November 24Brazil v/s Serbia
November 28Cameroon v/s Serbia
November 28Brazil v/s Switzerland
December 2Cameroon v/s Brazil
December 2Serbia v/s Switzerland

Group H

November 24Uruguay v/s South Korea
November 24Portugal v/s Ghana
November 28South Korea v/s Ghana
November 28Portugal v/s Uruguay
December 2South Korea v/s Portugal
December 2Ghana v/s Uruguay

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Other Questions You May Have

Who will win FIFA World Cup 2022 predictions?

Reputed sports video game publisher EA Sports has predicted that Argentina will win the coveted title this year. But due to the high winning rate of Brazil, some sources predict that it will win the FIFA World Cup 2022.

When is the next FIFA World Cup?

The next World Cup or the 23rd FIFA World Cup will be held four years later, in 2026. This will be the first time it will be hosted by three countries: the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Which is the best app to watch FIFA World Cup videos for free?

Snaptube is the best and most trusted app to watch, stream, and download FIFA World Cup videos for free.

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