There is nothing more popular than Facebook on internet because of it one of the first social networking platforms that are still engaging worldwide users more than any other website. With the increasing trend of videos on internet, Facebook has become the biggest hub to share multimedia stuff with connected people. Facebook videos are full of entertaining and educational contents that you can also share on your wall. Below is a list of some popular Facebook video that you must watch right now!

Part 1. Get the Best Facebook Video App

Facebook is really amazing in the sense of its content volume and smart engaging features. Here you can find countless videos but the problem occurs while downloading them. One can only save them in app and cannot share the file. Now Snaptube application has completely changed the scenario. You just need to sign into a Facebook account with the help of Snaptube application and it will provide a button to save every available video in your phone memory.
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Not just videos, but you can also get its mp3 version without requiring any additional app. One can start using this application without signing up to an account. Just install the app and start browsing your favourite videos for Facebook.

Part 2. 10 Popular Videos on Facebook

1)  Urban Zipline base jump

This is really crazy to roll over a zip line tied with the ends of two buildings and jumping in the middle with the help of a parachute. Well, it has recently done by a group of professional stuntmen. Till now, this Facebook video has got 13K comments and 299K shares. Must watch it at once if you are afraid of height and feel the excitement to love life on edge.

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2)  Most Satisfying sand art

Sand art is widely popular in all parts of world because of its so many possibilities that you cannot imagine. This Facebook online video will show you some of the most satisfying works done with colourful sand. Moulding of abstract patterns will make you fall in love with it.

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3)  Super 10 bike stunts

This Facebook live video is specially meant for bike stunts lovers because total 10 videos are compiles in it. Here you will see some professional stuntmen showing their outstanding skills on official events. Within 2 months, it has got more than 7K views.

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4)  Adorable proposals

If you are going to propose your girl and want some inspirational ideas from here. This is a compilation of some best proposal videos on Facebook. Marriage proposal in the air while skydiving, putting love signs beside the road or hiring a band group and coming in their dress to propose.

facebook video

5)   Funny baby laughter at its best

Kids are really innocent and this Facebook video will prove it several times. Here are some clippings compiled to form a 2 minutes video which has been reacted by more than 3.6 K people. The laughter of babies will surely make your whole day.

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6)  Singing animals

Reconsider your perception if you think that animals cannot sing. In this video, you will meet some animals and birds that start singing with their owners in a rhythm. It is accessible from the Facebook account of Junky Video Daily.


7)  Extreme workout beast

The intense workout of this guy will give you a goosebump. In this FB video, you can see him doing best in class level workout steps very easily. Extreme level body stamina can be clearly seen in it he doesn’t use any complex exercise equipment to perform this all.


8)  Epic haircut fail

Girls always try to improve their looks by doing various weird activities. This time, you will see a girl cutting her hair from one side for looking sexy but end up as a blond. At least, it will give you an idea that haircut is not a matter of DIY.

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9)  Cool Taekwondo stunts

Taekwondo is one of the most renowned martial arts skills and people of all age groups want to master it. Here are some amazing stunts were done by martial artists in a compilation. More than 6K people reacted to this video uploaded by Blunt Kommunity account.

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10)  Biggest Fails

In a fast forward mode, you will be able to watch several failed stunts and events in this clip on Facebook. Stunts done on water slides, rocks, trains, bicycles and skateboards are shown here in the most interesting way. Till now, 9.4 K people reacted to it and have 836 K viewers too.

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Par 3. 5 Accounts to Find More Videos on Facebook

1)  NTD Inspired Life

This is one of the most followed video content accounts on Facebook with over 13,343,724 followers. It contains countless satisfying videos that will fill you with positive perspective.

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2)  Proper tasty

Those who want to try something new in kitchen must follow this page on Facebook. Here experts will teach you to prepare professional level quinsy in very easy way. Watch latest videos on Facebook for all recipes in veg and nonveg categories.

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3)  Try Not to Laugh

Try not to laugh after watching the funny videos of animals. Unlike other Facebook pages, this is fully dedicated to worldwide animals activities. You will surely fall in love after starting watching these Facebook videos.

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4)  Stunt Amazing

This is a well-organised Facebook account dedicated to amazing stunt activities. Generally, you can see people doing stunts at public places without requiring any special equipment. Along with this, they also sell attractive merchandises.

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5)  Love

This is a celebrity page with the highest number of fans. Currently, 2,579,693 people are following the latest updates and liked by 2,596,641 people. Here you will see latest fashion trends, love tips and celebrity news.


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