Vimeo is a popular video streaming website that has some fun and trending content. But Vimeo viewers often want to save these videos to share with their friends or catch up on the best ones later. And to save videos from Vimeo, you need a trusted Vimeo downloader like Snaptube. 

Snaptube is an app that provides unlimited video downloads on your cell phone at the tap of a button. The app is feature-packed and easy to use. Want to learn more about this video downloader? Read on.

Snaptube Vimeo Downloader – The Best App For Video Download

With a quick Google search, you can find hundreds of free Vimeo video downloaders. But most of these links are either spammy, not secure, or save videos in the poorest quality. 

To combat these problems and provide a high-quality solution, Snaptube has introduced its own Vimeo downloader free of cost.

Snaptube Vimeo Downloader

Snaptube is a trustworthy Android app that supports over 50 platforms. Through this app, you can download your favorite Vimeo videos using a few taps. Apart from that, Snaptube has some excellent features for Vimeo:

  • Batch downloads: Want to download entire playlists? Binge-watching a season of your favorite rom-com? Use the batch downloads function to save multiple videos from Vimeo at a single time. No compromise on the quality or the download speed. You can save as many videos as you want, and Snaptube will still be free of cost. 
  • MP4 video download: You can select the video format once tapping the download button. Select MP4 to download the video in the best quality. 
  • MP3 extraction: If you only want the audio, you don’t need to save the entire video file. Just select the MP3 format during download, and the app will extract the MP3 file and save it on your device.
  • Private video download: It is disappointing to click on a video only to find that it is private. But you can still watch it through Snaptube. Copy the private video link from Vimeo, paste it into Snaptube, and click on download to access the private video offline on your phone.

With all these features and more, Snaptube has topped our recommendations as the best app for Vimeo video downloaders. Want to know how to use Snaptube? Follow the below step-by-step tutorial.

How To Download Vimeo Videos Using Snaptube?

Snaptube’s download process is quick and easy. First, you need to download the Snaptube app on your device. 

  • Go to Snaptube’s official website and click on the download button. Or, you can go to app platforms such as Aptoide or Appgallery to obtain Snaptube’s APK file.
  • Download the APK file on your phone, and the device will begin the download process.
  • Once the APK is downloaded, grant the necessary permissions so the app can smoothly proceed with the installation.
download vimeo video downloader

After you have downloaded the Snaptube app, you are ready to save videos from Vimeo using either of the two methods.

Method 1: Through The Snaptube App

If you don’t have the Vimeo app installed on your phone, this is the best method.

  • Launch the Snaptube app and tap on the Vimeo icon among its integrated platforms.
  • Log into your Vimeo account and simply browse through video recommendations and find a video to download.
  • Click on any video to load  it within the Snaptube app.
  • Then, tap on the download icon at the bottom of the screen. This will give you several quality and format options.
  • Tap on the required options and wait for the app to finish downloading. You can access the downloaded file through the phone’s internal memory or gallery.
download vimeo private video

Method 2: Through the Vimeo Video URL

As stated earlier, this method is suitable if you want to download private or inaccessible videos from the Vimeo video downloader app.

  • Launch the Vimeo app to select the video you want to download.
  • Click on the “share” icon and tap on the “copy link” option.
  • Open the Snaptube app and paste it into the search bar.
  • Snaptube will display the required video. You can tap to open it and select the required quality and format by tapping on the download icon. 
  • The downloaded video will shortly be available in the app “My Files” or internal storage.
download vimeo video

Though Vimeo has a limited download option, many videos are not downloadable without the use of external websites. Snaptube is an excellent app for downloading Vimeo videos without the hassle of registration or login. The next time you want some Vimeo videos, install Snaptube and download away.

How to Download Vimeo MP4 Videos On a PC?

For downloading videos on a PC, the Vimeo site enables a download option below every video. You can click on it and directly download the video to your PC without requiring any third-party apps. But Vimeo also enables video publishers to allow their videos for download. If the video owner hasn’t allowed video downloads, you can use online Vimeo download website to save the videos offline. 

These websites to download Vimeo videos work similarly to Snaptube. All you need to do is copy the video URL and paste it to perform a search.  Once the video is searched by the tool, you can download it to save on your PC.

FAQs of Vimeo Video Downloader App

Why can’t I download a video from Vimeo?

Vimeo lets video owners enable or disable the download option for PC. This means only select videos can be downloaded directly. To save Vimeo videos that don’t have the download option, you can use Snaptube as the Vimeo video downloader for Android.

Can I download Vimeo private videos?

Yes. You can download private Vimeo videos by copying the video URL and pasting it into the Snaptube app’s search bar. The app will display the video, and you can download it in the required format and quality.

updated by on Dec 30, 2022