Sometimes, we find an entertaining video on a website but don’t have enough time to watch it. Also, sometimes we want to share a video with others through social media platforms. Downloading is necessary to serve such kind of purpose but it is seen that most of the websites don’t provide a downloading link. There must be a reliable tool to download videos from any website and giving you the freedom to choose the best possible resolutions. Snaptube is currently the best option available online to make it possible. This is an Android application equipped with some powerful features to keep you entertained while online and offline.  Scroll down if you want to know more about this amazing Android app.

Some Great Features of Snaptube to Consider

You must be excited to use this app and knowing its features. Before going further, it is important to understand that Snaptube is only available for the Android operating system. Also, you need to download the .apk file from its official or third-party websites. It is not present on Google Play Store because of some policy conflicts. However, your mobile phone app store can have it.
snap tube for android
Let’s start with knowing its amazing features:

  • Download video from any site bookmarked in the Snaptube app or you can also add some new web addresses.
  • Premium features like 4K resolution downloading and ad-free online streaming are available for free to every. For such kind of features, you have to pay subscription charges on other similar apps.
  • Its user-friendly interface is equipped with powerful features to explore your multimedia content in different ways. Select a website bookmarked on the home screen, enter a keyword or URL of a video in the search bar.
  • Once you sign in with a Google account, all personalized videos will be served on the home screen. Moreover, the tabs of trending videos and your personally subscribed channels are also given on the home screen for instant access.
  • The latest trending dark mode feature for the comfort of eyes is also introduced in Snaptube.

These are some most important features you need to know as a beginner. As you become familiar with this app, most of the other multimedia apps will be decluttered from your phone automatically. Now, we are going to explain the stepwise process of installing and download any video from any site with this feature-rich app.

A Stepwise Process to Learn the Use of Snaptube

Within just 3 simple steps, any beginner can learn how to utilize the downloading features of Snaptube application. Read the instructions carefully.

Step 1.App Download and Installation

As already mentioned, you have to search the .apk file of this video downloader online from any site. Its official website is the most reliable source where you can find up to date stable and beta.

Also, you can rely on some third-party APK platforms like Aptoide, Huawei app gallery, and MI app store to install this. Click on the Download button to save the file on your phone and install it. If the phone security system will ask to allow third-party apps installation, tap on the “ok” button.

Step 2. Content Exploration Option

It will hardly take a few seconds to install the app and you will be able to explore it’s all features. On the homepage of this app, you will have multiple options to download any video online from any site. Enter the name of your video in the search bar to get results instantly. The same search bar can be used to explore any video URL. some entertainment and social media websites are also bookmarked. For better accessibility, you need to sign in with your personal accounts explore the video contents.

Step 3. Video Downloading Process

Once you manage to find the desired content, play it. This online video downloader from any site will show a download button right below the playing window. When you tap on it, different video resolutions and audio bitrate will be mentioned. Choose any file format in which you want to download the video. After choosing the file format, specify the part where you want to save the file. Press the download button and wait until the video is not downloaded. It will automatically save in your phone memory. Watch it anytime with the help of third-party video players offline.

This is how you can download any video online from any website with the help of Snaptube. No technical knowledge is required to access its significant features. All you need is a smartphone supporting the Android operating system.


updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022