From news to music and movie videos, Dailymotion has it all. Sometimes, you pop up a search on your Google homepage and all the relevant search results show Dailymotion videos. However, while that is amazing, how do you download these videos? If you want to watch a music video or movie offline, how do you get Dailymotion videos on your phone? Well, till now, it was not possible. But, the good news is, we have found a Dailymotion downloader. Here’s how it works.

Part 1. An Easy Dailymotion Video Downloader

Snaptube is not only a Dailymotion download app but also it has integrated numerous platforms together. Using this app, you can easily download as many Dailymotion videos as you want, and if in case you don’t find the desired video, you can directly search it on Snaptube to download it.
snap tube for android
Here are the features of Snaptube that we love:

  • Firstly, since the app has integrated so many platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., it is simpler to download and view videos. You can download videos from Dailymotion or open your Facebook account to save cooking videos on your phone.
  • The app’s loader is so fast that you won’t have to wait for videos to load. The buffering time is almost negligible.
  • As Snaptube is security verified by CM Security, Lookout Security, and McAfee, you can be assured that your phone is safe.
  • Although Snaptube flaunts its ad-free version which is paid, users can use all the features in the free version as well. You won’t even realize that there are ads.

Part 2. A Stepwise Guide to Download Videos from Dailymotion

Snaptube is a simple application and any user can access it without guidance. But, just to avoid any hassle, we have explained how you can download Dailymotion videos using Snaptube app.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on the Android Device

To install Snaptube on your phone, visit the official website through the link. Download the APK file on your phone. It will only take a few minutes. Once you download the APK, just launch the app and you can start using it immediately.

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If you are unable to download Snaptube app on your Android device, then chances are that third-party app download is disabled on your device. Simply go to the Settings, look for Security & Privacy, and enable Install unknown apps. Now, you will be able to download Snaptube.

Step 2. Find Your Favourite Dailymotion Video

On the Snaptube homepage, you will find the Dailymotion icon. If you can’t locate it, then click on More and add Dailymotion to your list. Hit the icon and search for the video you want to download from Dailymotion.

Step 3. How to Download Dailymotion Videos

Tap on the video and Snaptube will give you a yellow downward arrow to download the video. Tap the arrow, select video quality, Change the location of the file, and Download.

You can download as many videos as you as want using the same method. It is also possible to directly search on Snaptube, but that would return a lot of results. So, to narrow your search, use Dailymotion platform on Snaptube app.

Part 3. Some Other Dailymotion Downloader Online


You need to visit the website, download the app, and save videos on Dailymotion itself. However, it is a browser app, so you won’t be able to download videos directly to your phone. For that, prefer Snaptube only.


To use this website, copy the video link from Dailymotion and paste it on the Hit download and you will be able to save videos on your laptop or PC. Again, this doesn’t allow you to save videos on phone.


This website only allows you to save videos in mp3 format. Hence, if you are looking for something like this, just copy the URL of the Dailymotion video, paste it on the website, and save mp3 to your PC or laptop.
Even after having so many options, our users feel that Snaptube is the most hassle-free way. The app is so lightweight and easy-to-use, it gives users the convenience of downloading unlimited Dailymotion videos. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the offi

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 10, 2020