Have you stumbled upon any video while browsing the web that you wish to download on your phone? Well, all it takes to do it is just copy video link download it on your Android by using Snaptube. It is a freely available Android app that would let you paste a link and download the video directly on the device storage. To know more about the app and how to download a video from its copy link, you can follow this guide.

Know More about the Snaptube Video Downloader

Snaptube is considered a must-have Android app to watch and download videos from multiple sources in one place. The best part is that you can paste a link and download the video directly on your phone using Snaptube.
snap tube for android

  • Users can just copy a link and download the video by submitting the exact URL on Snaptube. The application will also load the video on its native interface, so that you can watch it before downloading.
  • You can download a video by its copy link or visit any supported platform on Snaptube as well. As of now, it already supports 100+ different social and video-sharing platforms that you can access on its interface.
  • Users can just paste a link and download a video using Snaptube or they can enter relevant keywords on the search bar to get results.
  • After a video is loaded on Snaptube, the application will let you download it as either MP4 or MP3 and that too in different sizes and resolutions.
  • Apart from doing a copy link to download, Snaptube also lets us manage our playlists. You can also activate its dark mode to have a customized experience.

How to Download a Video by Pasting its Link on Snaptube

Even if you have never used Snaptube before, you won’t encounter the slightest of issues to do a copy link and download the video. To download a video from its copy link, I would recommend following these steps.

Step 1: Install the Snaptube video downloader

To begin with, you can just go to the security settings on your Android phone and allow it to download apps from places other than the Play Store.
Once that is done, you can visit the Snaptube website on your device, download its APK, and let your browser install the application.

Step 2: Copy a link to do the video download

Now, you can go to any other website (or app) and simply look for a video to download. You can copy the URL from the address bar on the website or tap on the share icon on any app to get its link.
After copying the link, launch Snaptube, and long-tap on the search option. This will let you paste the copied URL and load it on Snaptube. Apart from that, you can also enter keywords or browse any supported platform on Snaptube to look for any other video.

Step 3: Paste the link and download a video

That’s it! Once you have submitted the link, it will be loaded on Snaptube, and you can watch the video on its media player. To download the video from its copied link, you can tap on the download button and select either MP4 or MP3 format to save the file.

In this way, you can take the assistance of Snaptube and easily download a video by pasting its link on the app.

updated by on Jan 19, 2022