For people who use Twitter regularly, it is an app that has a lot to offer. Having some issue with the services of a company? Find it on Twitter and write to them. Feeling bored? Visit Twitter and follow Twitter feuds. It is amazing how there is something new every day. Having trouble figuring out something? Ask your Twitter fellows. Twitter has made things a bit easier for everyone, and certainly, there is no replacement for this platform. However, one thing that lowers experience is not being able to download Twitter videos and screenshotting everything is not the answer to this problem. Well, we have Twitter video converter for you.

Part 1. Best Video Converter for Twitter

Snaptube is an application which has integrated numerous platforms at one place. Users only have to visit the official website from their phone and install the app. Using this Twitter video format converter, Twitter videos can be downloaded to the phone memory and viewed later online or offline.
snap tube for android

  • Snaptube has integrated various platforms in one application so users can utilize the services of not only Twitter but also Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • After downloading the app, Snaptube does not enforces users to register or sign-up for utilizing the full features.
  • The app doesn’t charge users for the services provided and there is no hidden fee for any of the features provided by Snaptube.
  • Snaptube does not harm or raises security concerns for Android devices, as it is security verified by CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security.

Part 2. How to Convert Video for Twitter

Since Snaptube offers a convenient solution to convert video from Twitter, we have explained its functioning in detail. Refer below steps for using Twitter video format converter.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Device

Firstly, you need to download Snaptube. After this, scroll down your notification bar and tap on the downloaded file. Snaptube will launch on your phone and you can start using it instantly.
convert video for twitter
You can search for applications you want to use from the various platforms available. If you want to view files, photos, and videos specific to a platform (Twitter in this case), then visit that platform from Snaptube and start exploring.

Note: If you are having trouble downloading Snaptube on your phone, then chances are that you have disabled third-party applications. Many Android phones will ask you if you want to enable third-party app at the time of download only. But, when you don’t get this option, you can simply open Settings on your Android device, go to Security & Privacy, and look for Install unknown apps. From here, you can enable the option and try installing Snaptube again.

Step 2. Exploring Videos on Twitter

Once you have launched Snaptube on your phone, you just have to go to the app and from the homepage, click on the Twitter icon. Snaptube will redirect you to Twitter interface and you can sign-in to your Twitter account here. You don’t have to worry about your credentials, as the app doesn’t misuse your details in any manner.
convert to twitter video
Note: If you don’t find Twitter on the homepage of Snaptube, you can add it to your platforms in seconds. Click on the three dots that say More. Then, tap on add new (+) button and find Twitter from the list of platforms. You can also add other platforms from here.

Step 3. Convert Twitter Video

When exploring Twitter, whenever you feel that you need to download a video or image, just tap on the video or image. Snaptube will automatically give you an option to download it in form of a yellow downward arrow. Hit the arrow. It is amazing to note that Snaptube gives you an option to download videos in various quality and format.
video converter twitter
Users can find and play/view these files from their Snaptube app’s My Files section or they can visit Download/Document of their Android device. Some devices also store pictures and videos in My Files folder on the phone.

updated by on 3月 10, 2020