You can’t download Twitter videos without a third-party app. Searching on Google will show you thousands of Twitter video downloaders. But most of them diminish video quality or are straight-out malware. 

So how can you find the best Twitter HD video downloader? We have got you covered. Snaptube is the best app to download Twitter videos in HD quality. It is a quick, easy, and secure platform that helps you save any videos for free. In this article, we will cover all of its features and the process of downloading videos from Twitter.

How to Use Snaptube Twitter HD Video Downloader 

Using Snaptube as a Twitter video downloader HD quality is very easy. It requires no registration or any other personal details. Just download the app, follow the instructions, and you can download Twitter videos of the highest quality in a jiffy.

Snaptube twitter hd video downloader


Step 1: Install the Snaptube app on your phone

Click on the download button to download the Snaptube APK on your phone. You can also visit app stores like Uptodown or AppGallery to get the app. Next, use the APK to install the Snaptube app on your device. 

install Snaptube twitter hd video downloader

Note: If you encounter some issues while installing, try going to the “settings” menu and clicking on “allow app downloads from third-party sources.” Since the app is not saved from Google Play Store, some phones classify it as a third-party app. But this doesn’t compromise the safety of your phone in any way. Snaptube is always completely safe to use.

Step 2: Locate the Twitter Video

You can proceed to use Snaptube as Twitter video downloader online HD using two methods. 

  • Use Twitter video link: Open the Twitter app and look for the video you want to download.  Tap on the “Copy link” option to get its share link. Then paste the copied link into the Snaptube’s search bar.
  • Using Only the Snaptube App: On the Snaptube app, click the Twitter icon among the various platform options. Enter your login details and browse through the feed to find the video you want to download.
twitter downloader hd

Step 3: Download Full HD Twitter Video

Click on the video to play it within the app, and click on the download icon below.

Among the resolution choices that pop up, select 1080p, 2K, or 4K HD for the highest resolution. Wait for the Snaptube app to finish the download, and then enjoy the video from the phone’s internal storage.

twitter video downloader 1080p

You can also use Snaptube’s search bar to enter keywords such as “trending videos on Twitter” and tap on the Twitter tab in the search results. This will give you access to relevant videos on the Twitter platform.

Through these steps, you can easily complete Twitter video download in full HD. You can also download multiple videos at once by taking advantage of the batch download’s features, then watch them offline without any disturbance.

Features of Snaptube Twitter Video Downloader 1080p

Snaptube is a goldmine of features if you are looking for an excellent video downloader. It allows free video downloads, but that’s not the only feature we love it for. You can ensure video quality, device safety, and an endless number of choices using the Snaptube app. Some of the features that make the app stand out are:

  • Fast and Safe: You can download Twitter video 1080p with the highest speed using Snaptube. No matter how many videos you save, the app maintains a constant download speed. The app is also safe and is certified for security by the best companies, including Avira and Norton.
  • Download different media formats: Apart from regular videos, Snaptube also downloads gifs, stories, posts, images, and even music. You can extract the audio while downloading, so you don’t have to save the entire video for the music.
  • Multiple Resolutions: With Snaptube, you can save videos of any quality you like. Want to reduce data usage? Set the download quality to a lower resolution, like 360p or 720p. Want an immersive experience? Download the video in the highest 4K HD quality. 
  • Multiple Platforms: Not only Twitter but Snaptube can download videos from various platforms as well. The app is connected to various social media, image, and video streaming platforms such as Facebook and DailyMotion. You can browse, copy links, or download media from any of these sites for free through Snaptube.

All these features make Snaptube a reliable app for Twitter downloader HD. Downloading HD Twitter videos has never been easier. By using the Snaptube app, you find a seamless, reliable, and safe method to download unlimited Twitter videos in high quality without spending a single penny.

FAQs to Download Twitter Videos 1080p

Can I download Twitter videos in 4K HD?

Yes. You can download Twitter videos of any quality using the Snaptube app. Snaptube preserves the original quality videos and downloads them in the resolution you choose. You can select 4K HD quality while downloading to ensure the video has the best resolution.

Does Snaptube have a limit when downloading Twitter videos?

No. Snaptube provides unlimited video downloads completely free of cost for Twitter MP4 downloader HD. You can download multiple videos at a time, batch download series, extract audio or even save photos without worrying about limits.

updated by Chief Editor on 12月 30, 2022