One of the best places to catch up on the latest happening is through Twitter. Anything trending around the world goes instantly on this social media platform, which is why it is not hard to come across viral and exclusive videos on Twitter. However, the platform does not allow downloading of videos yet. So, we have prepared a list of apps that save videos from Twitter. Check out the best save twitter videos app.

Part 1. Apps for Saving Videos from Twitter

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is an android application developed by Mobiuspace. You can install the APK file on your Android device and use it to save videos from twitter app. Although users can purchase an ad-free version of Snaptube, the app allows you to use full features without paying additional charges. The reason this app tops our list is that it offers various functionalities.
snap tube for android
Let’s explore some of these.

  • Snaptube has brought together many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This means that you can not only download videos from Twitter but also from Facebook and Instagram.
  • The app is equipped with a fast loader, which saves you a lot of buffer time. You can say goodbye to buffering minutes as the loading wait is minimal.
  • Since Snaptube is security verified by McAfee, CM Security, and Lookout Security, it won’t infect or damage your device or phone.
  • You can download as many videos as you want, there is no daily, monthly, or yearly limit on the free downloads. This is one of the reasons why the app is known to provide unlimited entertainment to users.

2. Twitter Video Downloader

This is another way to save videos from Twitter app. but, Twitter Video Downloader is actually a platform and not a mobile app. So, you have to first copy the URL from Twitter, open the platform on your browser, and then paste the URL to download the video. This is somewhat inconvenient. However, some users like this method.

3. is not an app that saves Twitter videos, but it is also a platform. You can copy the URL of the video from Twitter and paste it in the search bar to download the video. The process is simple. But, again, opening the browser and then downloading the video is extra work for users.

Part 2. How to Save A Video From Twitter App

When compared, it was observed that users find Snaptube most convenient. Hence, we have explained the functioning of Snaptube in detail. Here’s how to save videos on Twitter app.

Step 1. Snaptube on Your Phone

Installing Snaptube on your phone is really easy. You just have to visit the link, download the APK file, and launch it on your device. Well, that is all. You can start using Snaptube now. Simple, right?
Since Snaptube doesn’t require sign-up or register formalities, users can directly start downloading the video from the app.
how to save videos on twitter app
However, sometimes, users face an issue while installing the app. This is because they have disabled third-party app download on their Android phones. To enable this, you have to visit the Settings of your phone and look for Security & Privacy. Inside this menu, you will find Install unknown apps. Just enable this and you can download Snaptube.

Step 2. Search Videos on Twitter App

Once Snaptube has been installed on your Android phone, you have to click the Twitter icon on the homepage of the app. If you don’t find it, click More and add Twitter to your list of platforms. After adding Twitter, click the icon and a Twitter interface will appear. Then, you can log in to your Twitter account. However, don’t worry, Snaptube won’t misuse your information.
app that saves twitter videos

Step 3. Downloading Twitter Videos with Ease

Whenever you find a video you want to download, open the video and the app will automatically flash a downward arrow. Tap on it, select the size of your video file, Change the location, and hit Download.
how to save videos from twitter app
Finally, an app to solve our issues. Snaptube has truly given us a hassle-free way of downloading Twitter videos.
Visit the official now and download Snaptube today.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022