Each year, millions of aspirants appear in the UPSC exams. Started all the way during the British Raj as the Imperial Civil Service exam, it is one of the most reputed exams in the nation. A lot of experts consider the UPSC civil service test as one of the toughest exams to crack in the world. The UPSC prelims 2018 were just held and created a lot of buzz in the country. Read on for our analysis of the UPSC prelims and the expected cut-off.

Part 1. What Is UPSC Exam All About

Known as the Civil Service Examination, it is one of the biggest competitive exams in India. The exams are organized by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) for the recruitment of candidates in numerous civil services. Some of the most reputed sectors that recruit candidates from UPSC civil service exams are IAS (Indian Administrative Services), IFS (Indian Forest Services), IPS (Indian Police Services), Indian Information Services (IIS), Indian Postal Services (IPoS), and so on.
The entire examination is conducted in three different phases. In phase one, a preliminary exam is held. It consists of two MCQ papers based on general studies. The second phase consists of nine papers of written (essay) type. The last phase includes a personal interview. In order to reach the next stage, a candidate needs to clear the previous one. The UPSC prelims were held on June 3 this year.

Part 2. UPSC Prelims 2018 Paper Analysis

UPSC has lived up to its expectation of hosting unpredictable paper this year as well. Let’s
discuss both the General Studies papers in detail. The first paper was pretty diverse, but was hugely focused on politics and general awareness. There were also tons of questions that were based on a survey that was conducted by the government in 2017. If a candidate had previously read about it, then they would certainly be able to score well in civil prelims. Also, there were tons of conceptual questions related to internet, technology, and problem- solving. There were also some 14 questions there were based on the environment, which were not that tough at all. One of the best things about the civil service prelims exam paper was that all the questions were well-distributed across various fields.

The second paper of the UPSC prelims 2018 was certainly filled with surprises. It is quite important as a candidate needs to score well in Paper II in order to get the first paper checked. The most surprising thing about it was that there were zero verbal logical questions in the paper. Instead, 26 reading-based questions were asked. This would have certainly consumed a candidate’s time in the examination hall.

Furthermore, there were some 11 questions that were related to reasoning and analytics. Most of these questions were rather difficult to crack. The second paper certainly wanted a candidate to make a strategic move. Since UPSC has a reputation for coming up with unique papers, it is always recommended to take tons of UPSC prelims mock tests before appearing for the final exam. In this way, candidates can prepare themselves for the unpredictable nature of UPSC prelims exams.

Part 3. UPSC Prelims 2018 Expected Cut-Off

You might already know that a candidate has to score at least 66 marks in the second paper in order to get their first paper checked. Therefore, if you would score less than 66 in paper II, then you would automatically be below the cut-off to start with. After that, if a candidate would score more than the overall prelims cut-off, then they are eligible for the mains.

Needless to say, the cut-off for prelims 2018 is expected to be lower than last year. This is because the level of difficulty has been increased substantially this year. Last year, the cut-off was 105.3. According to the leading experts, the cut-off for UPSC prelims 2018 would be around 100-102. Though, we would have to wait for a while for the results to be out.

While the UPSC prelims 2018 date was June 3, it is still time for the main exams to be held. The mains are expected to be held on October 28 later this year. We suggest all the aspiring candidates to buckle up and keep studying for the mains.

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