It was not very long for the state of Kerala to have their own cartoons in their regional language, Malayalam. However, in these few years of production cartoon songs and TV shows have successfully won many hearts. The cartoon industry was basically setup to entertain children aged 4 to 14 years, but now it has become the source of entertainment for both young and adults. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 10 most popular Malayalam cartoonsongs and videos for you to enjoy.

Part 1. Watch All Your Favorite Malayalam Cartoons on Snaptube

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Part 2. Top 5 Malayalam Cartoons

Malayalam cartoons are full of life, imagination, and adventure. The cartoon stories have not failed in connecting with the hearts of the viewers. Thanks to everyone’s effort and support, Malayalam cartoons are now an eternal part of the Malayalam regional TV. Here are our top 5 picks for the best Malayalam cartoons list.

1. Mayakannan

Mayakannan is a series of short stories in which a boy angel helps his friends to overcome daily difficulties in life and also helps them learn the necessary moral values. The overall cartoon has a very positive atmosphere that seems to attract children towards it. Children love this cartoon and adults have no complaints in letting their children watch. You can watch this link from the link below.

malayalam cartoon

2. Stuart Little

Stuart Little, just as it is famous across the globe, is greatly watched by the Malayalam folks. The show is aired on the channel Kochi Tv and is translated into the regional language as well. It will not hurt to say that Stuart Little is one of the best cartoons in Kerala.

malayalam cartoon

3. Crazy Tracy

This is a show about a young woman who happens to own a health spa that is located west of the Tabahl Wasteland and south of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. The good storyline and a well-written script is the reason behind this show being a complete craze amongst the children.

malayalam cartoon

4. Haroldum Magic Pencilum

Harold is an amazing artist and with his magic pencil with him, he can draw anything and that will become real. Harold uses his magic pencil to help others in trouble and solve problems that he faces in the adventures he takes part in.

malayalam cartoon

5. Mayavi

Mayavi in Malayalam means a wizard, however this Mayavi is a character in the shape of a little devil trying to protect the forest he lives in from dark wizards and villains. Since the target audience is young, the concept creates a great fantasy world for the children to have fun in.

malayalam cartoon

Part 3. Top 5 Malayalam Cartoon Songs

These amazing cartoons in Malayalam have catchy songs as well. Children love these cartoon songs and are always attracted to them. Here are the top 5 cartoon songs that have had a huge impact on the cartoon industry since their production.

1. Mayavi Title Song

Mayavi is the TV show about a little devil trying to protect the forest from evil and also is one of the most watched Malayalam cartoons. It would be wrong to not give credit to the title song of Mayavi as it is equally responsible for making the show super hit.

malayalam cartoon

2. Luttapi Song

Luttapi is the evil character in the famous Malayalam cartoon show Mayavi and guess what – he’s got his own song. The Luttapi song is an extremely popular song among the children and due to its melodious composition and comedic lyrics, it is well known among the adults too.

malayalam cartoon

3. Panjara Kunju

Panjara Kunju is a very popular children’s song from Manjadi. Manjadi is a series of children’s stories and keeps producing animated cartoon songs and videos for kids. Panjara Kunju is a song about a village boy who is youngest in the family and sells sugar.

malayalam cartoon

4. Mottathalayan Kuttappan

Mottathalayan Kuttappan is an educational song about a greedy man on the way to sell a basket of eggs. He dreams of selling the eggs and then with the money earned he dreams of buying goats and becoming rich very soon. However, everything does not go as planned.

malayalam cartoon

5. Aaru Paranju Meow

Kathu is the popular cat character from the Malayalam kids cartoon. There are many songs on Kathu, but Aaru Paranju Meow is one of the biggest hits. The title literally translates to the meaning “Who said meow?”

malayalam cartoon

Part 4. Top 5 Sites to Watch Malayalam Cartoon Videos

Malayalam cartoons are not very popular outside the region and hence are pretty hard to stream online. However, there are a few websites where you can easily watch Malayalam songs and videos. Here are the top 5 places where you can enjoy good Malayalam animations.


malayalam cartoon

You can easily watch Malayalam cartoons, songs and videos on this website. The website has a very user-friendly layout, making it easy for anyone to find the videos they are looking for.

2. YouTube

This is the largest video streaming website in the world and hence, without a doubt a great source for unlimited Malayalam songs, videos, and cartoons. Find what you need instantly on YouTube.

3. Malayalam Tv

malayalam cartoon

Malayalam TV is a great application designed for users to watch their favorite TV shows and cartoons anytime anywhere. This user friendly app probably has the largest Malayalam video and songs collection that any other website or app could. Browse through the shows easily and watch the cartoons you and your kids like the best.

4.  Yupp.Tv

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One of the easiest ways of watching Malayalam cartoon is streaming live to the only Malayalam cartoon channel, Kochu TV. The easiest ways of streaming Kochu TV online is through Yupp TV. Download the app or visit the website to stream your favorite Malayalam cartoon channel online anytime.

5. Manjadi

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The Manjadi YouTube channel has been a major source of entertainment for regional fans for a long time. You can stream Malayalam cartoon videos and songs with just a few clicks and enjoy the non-stop entertainment anywhere.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 11, 2020