Cricket is a bat and ball game that is popular in India, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa with eleven members in each team. The aim is to score a lot of runs between the two teams. Having known this game or being a fan of this cricket, you may want to stream it live from the comfort of your seat. Do you know comprehensive sites that you can watch live cricket streaming? Well, worry not since we have listed top 10 sites that you can watch live cricket match today.

Part 1. Watch Cricket Live Video on Your Android Mobile

When you want to watch live cricket on your phone, you need to download Snaptube for Android. This is a must-have video and music app for Android. With this app on your phone, you will be able to add any of the listed sites above and search for your anticipated cricket game. Streaming of live matches is made possible due to its smart search and its user-friendly interface. Its streaming is also fast and reliable depending on your Internet bandwidth. What are you waiting for? Downloading this Android app and enjoy online cricket games.snap tube for android

Part 2. Top 9 Sites to Watch Live Cricket Online

1. IPL

live cricket streaming

On this website, you will not only get links to watch live cricket but also get a minute to minute updates of crickets. IPL is the home of cricket content. You will get news, photos, fixtures, results, videos highlights, and statistics of past games. Moreover, on IPL live you will also get information about the teams participating in Indian Premier League. Also, you will get the league standing points table of IPL. IPL auction 2018 >>


live cricket streaming

ESPN is another site that is the home of sports where you can get live commentary on cricket. Besides, you will also get information on scores, fixtures, series, and cricket rankings. Moreover, you will also get news and top headlines of cricket. Furthermore, on ESPN you will get live streaming of other sports like Football, Rugby, NFL and others.

3. Star Sport

live cricket streaming

Star Sport is another cricket live streaming website with a great user interface. You can utilize its smart search and search for a live match. You will also get fixtures and highlights. Star Sport also provides you comprehensive streaming of Athletics, Formulae 1, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Badminton and others.

4. International Cricket Council (ICC)

live cricket streaming

On International Cricket Council (ICC) website you will get live scores of cricket games. Unlike other live cricket streaming websites, ICC has categorized cricket into women’s cricket and men’s cricket with a calendar of its fixtures. When you visit this, you will get a recap of matches as well as cricket news live, team rankings and player rankings.

5. Yahoo

live cricket streaming

Amazingly, Yahoo offers live coverage of cricket game. On Yahoo website, you will get updates lives scores, final scores, ongoing series, or cricket matches. On Yahoo cricket website, you will also find cricket news information about the team, photos and game fixtures.

6. New Delhi Television (NDTV)

live cricket streaming

Another website that can keep you up to date is NDTV website. Here you will get live cricket info, cricket scores, upcoming matches, recent final scores, results, videos and photos. There is also latest news in the world of cricket. NDTV also offers live coverage of golf, NBA, Hockey, Formula 1 and others.

7. KhanTV

live cricket streaming

On this live cricket TV, you will be able to get live video streaming of cricket matches. Although not much content is found on KhanTV website, you can still browse popular and recent cricket matches. This website also provides you with updates on cricket series.

8. Mylivecricket

live cricket streaming

When you visit mylivecricket website, you will find a list of live cricket matches. All you need to do is click on “Watch Now” button and better brace yourself for many annoying ads.  Ideally, this website allows you to stream cricket in HD from different channels like SkySports, BeinSports, Star Sports and ESPN just to name a few.

9. Neo

live cricket streaming

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning Neo sports. This website brings you live coverage of different sports like cricket, Golf, Basketball,Sailing, Table Tennis and Horse Racing. What you also need to know is that Neo Sports has two channels namely Neo sport and Neo prime both covering live sports in India. The schedule of matches is well placed on the website. Just click on the preferred channel and search for the live cricket match that you want to stream.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022