India has started giving importance to its regional games and also become successful to promote Kabaddi all over the world. Currently, teams of numerous countries visit every year to take part in different tournaments. It is just like an alternative of wrestling that is why you can see many international level wrestlers playing in in different teams. Due to the thrill and excitement of every second, this game is rapidly becoming the second favourite in India after cricket. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Kabaddi video highlights of all time.

Part 1. Watch All Kabaddi Match Video in Single Mobile Application

Kabaddi is one of the rapidly rising sports in India and the players of other countries are also showing great interest in it. Consequently, you can see various international leagues organising their tournaments and telecast it live. To watch Pro Kabaddi live video online, Snaptube is one of the best application.
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It has some very interesting features such as accessing multiple websites without navigating between apps and control over accessing the content in different resolutions. Apart from that, you can also watch old highlights of any match by just entering a keyword in the search bar. As a premium user of Snaptube, you will be able to watch most of the video content in 4K resolution.

Part 2. Top Historical Pro Kabaddi Videos

1. Gujrat Fortune Giants Vs Patna Pirates

This was one of the spectacular matches of 2017 in which Gujrat Fortune Giants beat Patna Pirates by a tough competition of 30-29. Padeep Narwal is the backone of Patna team but fortune giants didn’t let him to score any point. In the middle of match, the team of patna performed really well to bring their score from 19 to 28 but failed to defend the super tackle in the end. Consequently, they lose the match by very close competition.

2. India Vs Australia Kabaddi world cup 2017

The final match between Australia and India in 2017 was full of action. In this match, Australian team didn’t manage to defend and offend in a proper way. Consequently, they lose the match by a huge margin of 54-20. At the initial stage of match, the players of guest team started losing their points that continued till the end and result in an easy win for Indian team. All the highlights of this match are available to watch on Pro Kabaddi channel.

3. India Vs Pakistan final match 2014

When it comes to the tournament between India and Pakistan, viewers don’t want to blink for a second. Not just in cricket but the craze of fans was also clearly visible in the final match of India Vs Pakistan in 2014. In this tournament, the Indian captain Sandeep performed really well with the coordination of his team. It was a very close fight between both teams but India won by 45-42. After winning this final match, the kabaddi team of India become 5 times undisputed champion.

4. U-Mumba Vs Bengaluru Bulls 2017

Bengaluru Bulls in is one of the most struggling teams that managed to reach semi-final after too many challenges. Both of the teams played really well till the end but finally U-Mumba won by 35-30 margin of points. From the initial stage of match, the team of Mumbai started holding leading position and this continued till the end. In the middle of match, Bengaluru team was behind Mumbai with half margin of 8-16 but gradually improved the positon that end up with their defeat. This match was published by Pro Kabaddi channel on 6 February 2018.

5. Tamil Thalaivas Vs U-Mumba 2017

The kabaddi team of Mumbai is one of the strongest teams of pro kabaddi league. This is the reason why they won most of the matches by giving tough competition to their opponents. In the fifth season of this tournament, the player of U-Mumba Anup Kumar scored eight points and Kashiling Adake bagged 4 points. These two successes become the foundation of final winning. The team of Tamils also struggled hard to balance the difference of points. In the end of match, they scored two points but still defeated by three points. The highlights of whole match are available in the channel of Hindustan Times.

6. Puneri Paltan Vs Tamil Thalaivas

The team of Puneri paltan gave an outstanding surprise in the last ten minutes of this interesting match and won by 33-20. This was the inter zone challenge in which Tamils were dominating from the initial stage. Actually, nobody had idea that Puneri Paltan will change the phase of match in very last minutes.

7. Patna Pirates Vs Haryana Steelers

In the list of memorable highlights of 2017 Pro Kabaddi matches, you cannot ignore this one. Haryana steelers started their score with single point but Patna Pirates aggressively scored 4 points in response and continuously stayed ahead in the whole match. In the end of match, there was a massive difference between the score of both teams. Patna Pirated scored 69 points whereas the team of Haryana only managed to reach the level of 30 points.

8. Puneri Paltan Vs UP Yoddha

This was the zone A and zone B match between the teams of Patna and UP. From the initial stage of match, both of the teams were playing aggressively and didn’t let any point to waist. After first half, UP started taking lead that result in the end of match with 34-33. Finally match went in the favour of UP Yoddhas but the courage of Puneri Paltan was also spectacular.

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