F1 sports is no doubt an amazing sport activity that has amassed a mass of fans across the entire globe. It remains one of the most watched and interesting sport event that attracts people of diverse origins and life. Traditionally, fans would gather around the sport scene to watch F1 sport live or watch them on various TV channels providing the same sport coverage. However, with the great revolution on the way we use our Internet, fans can easily visit respective websites and access the F1 livestream with ease.This article will give you a detailed guide on the best F1 live stream sites.

Part 1. Watch F1 Online with Snaptube

Snaptube is apparently the best and must have video and music downloader app for Android devices. The app features excellent capabilities meant to give the user an awesome experience.If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to find the best app to watch your favorite F1 sports, then Snaptube would definitely be the best Android streaming app.You can add any of the above-mentioned websites and stream F1 at the comfort of your Android screen. Just get the app and comfortably access Formula 1 online at your convenient place and time.
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Part 2. Top 10 Sites to Watch Formula 1 Live

1.  Skysports

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SkySports is an online sport site that provides the best and most beautiful F1 race live coverage. This one among the sites you would probably not complain owing to its excellent experience.  However, SkySports requires that you pay to access the content unless you have a subscription. Both the daily pass and monthly subscriptions are available and is worth incase you have a particular race to watch.SkySports has a great interface and smooth streaming services.

2. NBC Sports

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NBC sports offers a much faster, better and unique way to view live F1 sports. However, NBC Sport videos are only available in USA and some of their territories. Depending on the data package and TV provider, the quality of your video would vary. On this site you will also get F1 sports live and the latest news around F1.

3. Hotstar

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Hotstar is no doubt one of the best F1 streaming platform featuring amazing interface. With the search button, you can easily find the F1 sports of your choice although a bit region restricted. In case you missed the race, the replay and highlights are often availed. As you wait for the next race you can also use this site and stream other sports like football, NFL, hockey, rugby, baseball and others.

4. EPL Site

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This website is definitely not the best but offers F1 streaming for free. EPL Site is a good and modern site with a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for users as they stream their favorite F1 sport series. The font may appear a little uncomfortable but the fact that the site is free fairly gives satisfaction. However, the streaming itself is smooth as there are very few interruptions and good spreads.

5. VIPBox


VIPBox is a free site featuring a beautiful interface that is easy for users to navigate. This website provides an array of media to choose from. You can comfortably watch Formula one racing live and a language of your choice. The issues of lag and other streaming problems are pretty minimized and you don’t have to worry about them.

6. Livesport24.net

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This is an excellent website that offers reliable F1 streaming free of buffering among other sports. There is neither charges at all nor subscriptions. You can get a variety of live sports at your comfort. The interface is user-friendly characterized by clear and simple steps.

7. CricFree

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Cricfree is another site for a better F1 live stream experience and other sports like football, cricket, hockey and much more. There are no disturbing pop ups and banners like most sites. You can access the races just by touching a button. The streaming speed is higher and the quality of the video is excellent.

8. Motorsport

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This is definitely one of the great streaming sites for F1 sports. Live streaming site has the advantage of being fast and accurate. You just need to click on the given links and see which one streams best. On MotorSport you will be able to stream Motor GP, Nascar, Indycar and Formula E.

9. Ace Sports

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This site is a perfect user-friendly platform for F1 sports streaming.  The races are well placed on the site according to time, channel, language and available links. You can also find live stream of matches such as basketball, baseball, NFL and NHL.

10. Formula 1

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This is the official website of F1. On this site, you will find live commentary, results, videos of past races as well as news. Also, you can visit this site and get to know about F1 fixtures and also get to book tickets if you want to attend F1 live.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 11, 2020