Arabic shows and movies are fewer in number as compared to multimedia material of any other language. Still, you can find a couple of good series and shows online. Most of the Arabic entertainment videos are originated from Moroccan cinema. One of the primary sources where you can watch their videos. Also, many other platforms like Dailymotion and Metacafe. if you explore these websites, only streamable content is available to watch online. What if someone wants to create a personalized collection of Arabic TV shows list to watch later offline? For this purpose, you need to download the videos.

Now, the question is how to make it work when no downloading option is available? Here we have Snaptube as a reliable solution. This Android app is equipped with the feature of generating downloading links for most of the videos that you watch online. Arabic TV show lovers can find a lot of stuff to download with this amazing application. For your convenience, we are mentioning a list of some TV shows in the Arabic language that you will love to watch. Check out the list and gain your information about installing Snaptube.
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 Top 10  Arabic TV Shows List You Need to Watch

1. Qamar Bani Hashim

Qamar Bani Hashem deals with the complete biography of Muhammad, the Messenger of God, in 30 episodes. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Karim wrote the script and made a historical and linguistic review Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Saleh, Head of the Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Khartoum Faculty of Arts.

2. Qalby Etmaan

A program that gives you the chance to live a social experience with a young man called “Ghaith”. Who is roaming countries to meet people in distress and pain; to look for an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

3. Ma Fiyi

When Fares comes back from Syria to reopen cparents’ restaurant in the Lebanese town of “Nesr El Jabal”, he is struck by rumors accusing the powerful landlord Fawzi of their murder years ago. A truth that is bound to threaten the love story that has started with the beautiful Yasma, Fawzi’s daughter who has just come back from Paris.

4. Nouba

A historical fiction story that goes back to the 1990s where a passionate suburban young man seeks his destiny in the dark streets of the Tunisian capital, stumbles across love, on his journey of perfecting the art of traditional Mezwed.

5. Khawatir

This is a travel show in which you will follow a Saudi Arabian man and his team traveling the world to explore the similarities and differences between Arabic and foreign communities.

6. MasterChef

MASTERCHEF is a great national competition where men and women of all ages compete to try to become the best amateur cook in the Kingdom.

7. Ammouddou

All the episodes of Amouddou, from A to Z. without ads, in High quality … more than 140 episodes. a decade of adventure and knowledge. enjoy the best documentary program in Morocco.

8. Moudawala

Various cases and issues on which the court has already ruled are drawn from the archives of a Moroccan court. A TV series that aims to raise awareness of the public to the problems of justice.

9. Omar

Omar or Omar Farouk is a historical Arab television drama miniseries-serial that was produced and broadcast by MBC1 and directed by the Syrian director Hatem Ali.

10. AlZeer Salem

A Biographical Drama Series about the life of Udai bin Rabia, a famous poet and a great warrior in Pre-Islamic Arabia, who led his tribe Taghlib in a war that lasted decades to take vengeance for his murdered brother King Kolaib.

How to Downloading Arabic TV Shows Online

Step 1. Download Snaptube application

First of all, you need an Android smartphone because Snaptube only supports the Android operating system. In order to explore the best Arabic shows in your smartphone, search for this app in your browser rather than Play Store. Its .apk file format is available on the official website as well as various other third-party Android app stores. We recommend downloading the latest stable or beta version from the official website. You may be asked to allow the installation of third-party Android apps. Snaptube is completely safe from any cyberspace vulnerabilities so you can install it without any fear.

Step 2. Explore and watch Arabic TV shows online

Once you install the app, tap on any TV show link as we mentioned above in the list to open it in Snaptube. Search Arabic shows with English subtitles in the search bar for more options. If you know a website where some good Arabic series are available to watch, bookmark it for instant access.

Step 3. Downloading process

When you manage to find the desired video, open it, and see the download button in yellow color right below the playing screen. Tap on it for all possible resolutions you can select for download. According to the availability of internet data, you can choose the video quality and start the downloading process.

Just like drama Arabic TV shows, you can download any other video by following the same process. This app is also an online video to audio converter. As you start using, more interesting features will reveal with time.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022