Anime is a popular topic in Indonesia. If you want to watch free anime, the biggest thing you need to worry is your internet connection. It is recommended that you have fast internet connection so that you can stream and watch online anime and get subtitles. Some prefer to view the content repeatedly without having to connect to the internet, or offline. The best way to watch Anime offline is to download the content, and then watch it. There are several websites where you can download Anime and subtitles for it in Indonesia. Anime, the animated film from Japan is popular because of its various colors and stories. Here are some websites where you can download anime subtitle in Indonesia.

Part 1. Watch Anime in Indonesia Subtitle on Snaptube

Anime is basically video content. When it comes to video content, there are platforms that offer much more than just anime. One such is Snaptube, an application available for Android devices. Simply enter the keyword, then you will get tons of anime from different sources.
snap tube for android
The application supports multiple video content websites, not just anime websites. For example, you can opt for the basic YouTube video content, but you can also watch videos from social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook without switching between apps.

Part 2. Top Sites for Free Streaming Anime Subtitle in Indonesia

1. AnimeIndo

The go-to place for anime movies in Indonesia. With a huge range of anime movies available, you can watch most movies with subtitles. If you prefer to watch online, you can easily use the streaming service. But if your preference is offline watching, download the content. Some of the most popular videos on the website are the Dragon Ball series. The moment you open the website you are greeted with the latest videos, as well as a search bar to find what you are looking for.

anime subtitle in indonesia

2. Moesubs

Among websites that offer anime content, Moesubs is one of the better. Not many websites offer high quality anime. Moesubs, however, offers video quality of either 480 or 720p, the latter being HD version. Find the anime movie you like, and download it easily. And with anime being the topic, the website follows the principle with its cute and adorable design. Just like you are in an anime video.

anime subtitle in indonesia

3. Oploverz

In the past few years, Oploverz has grown into one of the most popular sites for downloading Anime in Indonesia. The best part is Oploverz offers quality as high as 1080p. You can also download lower quality videos at 480p. One thing that stands out is the Oploverz has a “horror” category. If you are wondering how horror anime looks, check it out. In addition to downloading, Oploverz allows you to stream and watch videos online with subtitles.

anime subtitle in indonesia

4. Jalsubs

This website might not be regularly and as often updated as most users want, but it still boasts a decent collection of anime. The sub-quality results are pretty good, and you can always find an anime you haven’t watched.

anime subtitle in indonesia

5. Samehadaku

When it comes to Anime in Indonesia, you cannot ignore Samehadaku. The website provides anime, but also Comic download. If you are into cartoons, you will be very satisfied with what you will find here. All of the Anime and its subtitle can be downloaded for free. The website has one of the best layouts of any anime websites. Clean, organized, and neat, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

anime subtitle in indonesia

6. Tiramisubs

Tiramisubs provides much more than anime. You can also find video and music. Subtitles are part of the Anime. The website also has a forum where you can discuss topics with other anime fans. Truly a great community to be part of.

anime subtitle in indonesia

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 11, 2020