Nowadays TikTok videos and TikTokers both are trending with their content. Many people spend most of their time on social media and TikTok is one of those apps they hang out on for hours on end, regardless of their age. The user who makes TikTok elements and the one who only watches it needs a reliable tool that can easily download videos and other files. People used to save videos of TikTok that were not HD, moreover there was no MP3 and MP4  supporting system. Hence, sssTikTok comes out as one of the best TikTok video downloaders. But the main question arises – is SSS TikTok download good and reliable for TikTok videos? Let’s find it out. 

tiktok video downloader

Part 1: What is sssTikTok? 

sss TikTok is a well-liked online downloader without any limitation in downloading TikTok (Musically) videos. The videos can be downloaded easily as it supports every browser and all operating system. What makes it different from other TikTok video downloading apps is that it comes with no watermark, which is one of the crucial and unique features. To save the TikTok videos, sssTikTok is a really fine downloading app. It allows you to download and save the TikTok videos for free with unlimited conversion and sssTikTok music download easily. It is able to deal with all popular video formats such as MP3 and MP4 files.

  • To download the videos, you can simply visit its official website or sss TikTok downloader apk from your browser. 
  • Copy the URL from TikTok >> Paste it on the website [You can find the pasting bar at the top of the site]
  • Click on the download option and your TikTok video will be downloaded on your device.
download tiktok videos with ssstik

Part 2:  sssTikTok Features, Pros & Cons

TikTok videos can be quickly downloaded by sss TikTok video download site and it is easy to use,  now let’s have a closer at its amazing features, pros and cons.

Main features of sssTikTok video downloader:

  1. No Watermark:

This app makes the downloading video free from the watermark, it is among some of the few apps that allow you to remove the watermark. This is the crucial feature of the app.

  1. MP3 and MP4 Converter:

It not only helps you to download and save the videos, but you can also convert them to mp3 and mp4 files, that’s why it is known as the sssTikTok MP3 download and sssTikTok mp4 download app.

  1. Convenient to Use:

There is no hard and fast rule for using this app. It has very easy and simple steps that can be followed to download the TikTok videos as mentioned above in the article. 

  1. Works on Various Platforms:

It has such an amazing feature that it seamlessly works on Android, iOS, Windows, Macs, and many more platforms. This kind of trait is available on very few other apps and sssTikTok is one of them. This app also lets sssTikTok audio download easily. 

Pros of sssTikTok:

  •  The interface is simple and easy to use.
  •  Download videos and assist to convert them to mp3 and mp4 files.
  • TikTok videos can be downloaded for free.
  • Videos are downloaded without a watermark.
  • TikTok videos can be downloaded from different platforms such as Android, iOS, Macs, and many more.
  • It serves videos in HD quality.

Cons of sss TikTok:

  • You cannot download multiple videos at once.
  • There is no preview feature before downloading. 
  • Doesn’t support videos downloading from Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms.
  • sss TikTok downloader apk is not stable. 

Part 3: Is There A Better Option to Download TikTok Videos?

When it comes to the best app for downloading TikTok, Snaptube comes on the top with the versatile features that help the users get a lot out of it. This app easily downloads TikTok videos in high definition (HD) quality without any limitations of downloaded videos. It works with all the platforms you just name it whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, TikTok, and many more. 

By using Snaptube, you can save multiple TikTok videos at the same time with one click. Yes, you heard that right. Get TikTok videos without copying and pasting the URL. In addition, MP3 and MP4 are also supported.

the best tiktok video downloader

Let’s see how to download TikTok Videos using Snatptube

  • First, you need to download and install Snaptube on your device.
  • Launch the app once you download it.
  • Find the TikTok icon on its main page and tap on it. You can log in and access TikTok videos with the built-in browser. Don’t worry, Snaptube will never keep personal information. 
  • For each video, there will be a yellow Download button. Tap on it. 
  • Now you can choose the video quality and the format that you want.
  • Proceed further, your TikTok video will be downloaded to your device.
download TikTok video mp4

Part 4: Comparison Between sssTikTok and Snaptube 

You might be wondering which is better between sssTikTok video download and Snaptube video download. Well, we are here to help you and make your doubt clear. Just stay with us and read the full comparison which will help you decide wisely.  We have listed a few of the points.

  • sssTikTok lets users download TikTok videos while Snaptube allows users to download TikTok videos along with videos, images, and music from all the major online platforms.
  • Snaptube has an in-built player for watching the video while sssTikTok doesn’t have it.
  • Snaptube has a batch downloading system while sssTikTok lack it.
  • Snaptube is certified by various antivirus agencies but sssTikTok doesn’t have any info regarding it.
  • Snaptube can download private videos but sssTikTok cannot download them. 
  • Many more benefits can be found for Snaptube as it is an app with versatile features.

Now you should not have any problem downloading your favorite TikTok videos as we have shown different ways to save the videos to your device. We would recommend you to use Snaptube app over any other app as it gives you full freedom to download videos, music, movies, status, etc from many online platforms. So, instead of downloading several apps for different features, it is better to have one master app for your daily use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Snaptube safe and reliable  to download TikTok videos?

Snaptube is absolutely safe and reliable to download TikTok videos. It is one of the safest apps that has been verified by many antivirus agencies. CM Security, McAfee and more.

Is Snaptube legal to download TikTok videos on your device?

Yes, Snaptube is 100% legal to download TikTok videos on your device. We suggest you use the Snaptube app in accordance with your country’s laws. 

Are there any hidden costs to downloading the app or using its features?

Snaptube is a completely free app and it doesn’t ask for any payment while downloading or using its feature.

updated by Chief Editor on 7月 28, 2022