What to know in this article:

  1. TikTok allows videos to be downloaded with watermark. 
  2. To download TikTok videos without the Save Video option, you can use Snaptube free video downloader
  3. You can access TikTok in countries that banned it with the help of VPN. 

TikTok videos are short and made to be fun. You can choose which videos you want to watch and share with friends. 

When you know how to download videos from TikTok, you can easily access them again without using mobile data. More importantly, you don’t need to worry about videos being deleted or made private. 

So follow us to know 2 easy and free ways to download TikTok videos to your phone. 

Use the built-in Save Video feature 

As mentioned above, most TikTok videos are available to download within the app. Follow the steps below to download TikTok videos. This method is the same for both Android and iOS devices. 

  1. Open the TikTok app. 
  2. Search for your favorite video from TikTok.
  3. Tap the arrow icon in the lower right part of the video.  
  4. Tap Save Video and the TikTok video should immediately begin downloading.


  1. The TikTok website doesn’t feature the download option.
  2. You might need to allow TikTok to access your gallery or camera roll if you haven’t already.  
my tiktok video download

What’s good

It’s an absolutely free and safe way to download TikTok videos. 

What’s bad 

  • You cannot save a TikTok video if the creators disable the “Allow your videos to be downloaded” option.
  • Only one video can be downloaded at a time. 

But none of this is a problem if you use Snaptube. Read on and you’ll find a brilliant way to download any TikTok videos without hassle. 

Free download TikTok videos in bulk 

Snaptube is a video downloading app that is free and easy to use. It allows you to easily download any video in multiple formats/resolutions with just one click.

When you open this app, there is a search bar at the top of the screen where you fetch your required video by entering related keywords or pasting the URLs of that video. Snaptube, after a few seconds, provides you with your required video.

So even if a TikTok video is protected and doesn’t show the save button, you can download it with a link. Without repetitive operations, Snaptube is also able to download TikTok videos in bulk. 

free download TikTok videos

To free download TikTok videos, there are some specific steps you have to follow: 

  1. Download the Snaptube app and install it on your phone. 
  2. Paste copied TikTok video URL in the search bar so Snaptube can open the video to be downloaded.
  3. Alternatively, you can tap the TikTok icon from the main page to directly locate the videos you want. 
download tiktok with snaptube

4. You will see a Download button. Tap on it and you will be given different available formats of that video.

tap to download tiktok videos

5. Select the required format in which you want to download and see the magic happen. 


  1. TikTok provides each video with a unique URL, which you can find by clicking a share button at the right bottom corner of the screen. Then click the Copy Link button to get your favorite video URL to download with Snaptube.
  2. The downloaded videos can be found on “My FIles”. 

What’s good 

  • TikTok videos can be downloaded in MP4 formats, including 144p to 4k/2k/1080p video resolution, and MP3 formats, including 70k to 320k. 
  • Free bulk downloading without limits, even if the videos are private. 
  • Search, watch, and download videos all in one app.
  • Videos from Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp and 50+ sites can also be downloaded. 

What’s bad 

The Snaptube app is currently available on Android phones. 

How to download the TikTok video in India

TikTok is banned in India, so a VPN is required to use TikTok. VPN is something that can help you visit those websites that are banned in your area. VPN changes your location on the internet for the time being while VPN is used, and then you can copy your favorite video URL and download that video with Snaptube. 

How to download videos from TikTok to PC 

Check the full guide to download TikTok videos online, where you can find effective solutions to save videos regardless of what device you are using.  

More FAQs

In which format can TikTok video download?

From the lowest resolution to the highest resolution in which the video creator uploads the video, the video can be downloaded with any multiple available formats if you are using Snaptube free video downloader, you can have both MP4 and MP3 options. 

Is it challenging to download the TikTok video?

No. TikTok itself provides you with a downloading button, and you can also download any TikTok video to MP4 or MP3 effortlessly with the help of Snaptube. It’s there only for your convenience.

updated by Chief Editor on Jun 30, 2022