TikTok has become one of the sensational apps in this era, people are crazy about it. Sometimes in a busy schedule, one thinks to use it for half an hour but tends to continuously use it for hours and hours. The contents of TikTok have captivated people and they are refreshing themselves with wholesome short TikTok videos. Due to this app, many of the songs are trending and people are fond of listening to that music depending on the scenario and their mood but the issue arises when they want to save that music to their device and listen to them offline. To resolve this issue many apps have figured out the solution. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 amazing TikTok music downloader apps you should know. So, let’s get started.

tiktok music downloader

Part 1: Best 5 TikTok Download Music Apps

There are many TikTok downloading music apps, but here is the list of the 5 best TikTok download music apps that you might love to use. These apps are listed with amazing features and they go like this: 

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is a widely used popular Android app that lets you download TikTok videos and music on your device for free in high quality. You can view and manage all the downloaded videos and music right from your Snaptube app. It supports 50+ sites and serves video resolutions in a range of 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2k HD, 4K HD, and audio formats in MP3 or M4A. It is one of the best apps so it is number 1 on the list with its amazing and numerous features that will wow you.

best tiktok music downloader Snaptube


How to free download TikTok music using Snaptube:

  • Download and install Snaptube apk on your phone. 
  • Now, go to your Snaptube app and tap on the TikTok from the top menu. 
  • Log into your TikTok account. 
  • Tap the Download icon next to each video you see on TikTok. 
  • Select to download as MP3. 
  • The music will be downloaded to your device instantly. 
Choose the MP3 Format to Download the TikTok Music

That’s the magic of Snaptube, you don’t need to copy-paste the link at all to download TikTok videos. Instead, you can directly access the TikTok website within this app and get unlimited audio and video.

2. sssTikTok

sssTikTok is a well-liked online downloader having no limitation in downloading TikTok (Musically) videos. It works on every browser and all operating systems. The outstanding feature of this app is videos are downloaded without watermarks. The app doesn’t require a username, just open the website and paste the link to download the video or music. sssTikTok works on android phones, personal computers (PC), iPhones or iPad (iOS) without any issue.         

tiktok music downloader ssstiktok

3. MusicallyDown

MusicallyDown is a free app to use online TikTok downloader, where you can easily download TikTok videos with or without a watermark in just a few steps. Moreover, it also downloads TikTok videos directly to MP3 or MP4 format. Whenever you download videos or MP3s, it gets saved in the “Download” folder on your phone and personal computer.

tiktok music downloader Musicallydown

4. Qload

Qload is a TikTok downloader app that can save TikTok videos by link for free. This tool downloads videos from TikTok in HD quality and there is no tension of registration to download. It is supported on all devices (Android, PC, iOS). You can save any number of videos without a watermark as it offers unlimited download features. 

 tiktok music downloader Qload

5. Ttdown

Ttdown is a short for TikTok download that save TikTok in MP3 or MP4 format easily. There are some ads, no popups, and no distractions that download videos from TikTok fast without any annoying popups. The process of downloading videos or MP3s is relatively easy. Just copy the video URL, open the ttdown.org site, paste the URL and click on the “GO” button. The videos will be downloaded instantly. 

tiktok music downloader ttdown

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on TikTok Music Free Download App

Is Snaptube legal to download music from TikTok?

Yes, Snaptube is legal to download music from TikTok without any issue. Just make sure to use the app in accordance with your county law and use it for personal purposes only.

Is Snaptube free for TikTok MP3 music download?

Yes, Snaptube is completely free for the TikTok music mp3 download and you don’t need to pay a single penny at any stage of using the app.

Is Snaptube safe for TikTok music free download?

Yes, Snaptube is 100% safe for TikTok music free download and it doesn’t affect your device in any way. On top of that, the app is verified by many antivirus agencies like McAfee, CM Security, and Lookout Security.


The article has explained the best 5 TikTok music download apps in a comprehensive way. Among all these apps, the best-recommended app is definitely Snaptube, so give it a try and enjoy the time with your favorite TikTok videos and music with an easy-to-use interface of it. 

updated by Chief Editor on 8月 04, 2022