Notification sounds are useful and a great way to embrace Android customization. If you are tired of your current notification sound, you can go for the notification sound download option because it’s super easy. You can even customize and add your sounds. 

But maybe, many of us are curious to know how to download and change the notification sound.. Keep reading this article to know the best app for getting free notification Sounds on Android?.

Try Snaptube for Best Notification Sounds Download

You can save your favorite ringtones from many different websites, however, the problem is, you will only get spam files or you have to pay. However, You won’t face these issues by using Snaptube. To say, Snaptube is one of the best apps for notification ringtone download. The application is an all-one entertainment app, which supports downloading unlimited audio and video files. Thus, you can have innumerable notification ringtones on your device without redirecting to other websites. Also, the best thing is you can directly download ringtones from its Music feature.

Snaptube for Notification Sounds Download

Here are the steps to download the ringtone with Snaptube.

Step 1. Get the Snaptube application

The downloading process of Snaptube is quite simple. You can download the app by hitting the red button. In addition, users can get Snaptube APK from popular app stores like Aptoide, Huawei App, Uptodown, MI GetApps, and Gallery.

Step 2. Search for specific notification ringtones

You can search for the best ringtones on Snaptube. You need to choose other formats and cover them in the ringtone. If you already have a ringtone URL for your ringtone, just copy the URL and paste it into the search bar.

search for the best ringtones on Snaptube

Step 3. Download your MP3 ringtone

Click on the download button and select MP3 format for the notification tone download MP3. Besides this, you have to set the resolutions. Now, you can change your phone ringtone to enjoy your favorite ones.

select MP3 format to download the ringtone on Snaptube

Snaptube will send a notification when the download is complete. You can click the notification bar or go directly to My Files to find the notification ringtone you just downloaded. The ringtone can also be found in the phone storage.

How to Change Notification Sound on Your Phone?

You can change the notification sound for text messages, calls, calendar alerts, emails, and more. Notification sounds are one of many ways to customize your device.  But, you need to know how to change the notification sounds.

To Change default notification sound

Open Settings > Select Sound and vibration > Tap Notification sound > Choose a Notification sound > Tap on Save. 

In some phones, the setting may be called Apps & Notifications.

To change contact ringtone

Tap Contacts > name > More > Set Ringtone, tap a ringtone, tap Save.

Change Notification Sound on Your Phone

How to Change the Notification Sound for Google Messages?

When you get a lot of notifications, you may want to change the notification sound for a certain app. For this, you can use your sound or pre-loaded sound from your smartphone. To change the Google message notification sound, you have to follow some simple steps from the setting menu. You can also go for advanced options to select settings of your choice. Just follow the simple steps.

  1. Open Messages aoo. 
  2. Tap the three dots.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Notifications. 
  5. Tap on Incoming Messages.
  6. Tap on Advanced.
  7. Tap on Sound.
  8. Choose the notification sound you’ve just downloaded. 

Final Talk

Snaptube is one of the most popular social media video downloader applications. It also helps to download content from social media. Moreover, it’s an easy and convenient tool for notification tone download in MP3.The application has creative features, in which you can download your favorite notification sound. Our smartphones have much more than just receiving calls. Ringtone is meant to notify us for incoming calls. So, the sound for these notifications should be alluring. There are different ringtones that you can use for notification sounds. Thus, to get the perfect notification sound, you should install Snaptube. It would be helpful for you to choose specific and customized notification sounds.

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 01, 2022