In the past 10 years, the Bollywood industry has produced romantic, drama and action video songs. From thrilling to sad, the industry has produced a variety of songs and has managed to gain wide popularity and appreciation across the world. Due to its immensely beautiful lyrics and enactment in the songs people across the world have now begun to be a big fan of the Hindi songs. So if you have missed the top YouTube Hindi video songs then let me help you experience the top hits.

Part 1. YouTube Music Videos in Hindi

1. MaahiVe

When it comes to the top YouTube video song in Hindi, then MaahiVe comes to the first position. The song has been beautifully sung by the great singer Neha Kakkar, who is the foremost and the beautiful singer of the industry. The beautiful voice along with the seductive enhancement was the reason for its popularity. The song is from the album of Wajah tum which was the most famous and popular album of the legendary singer Arjit Singh.

2. Tumhe Dill Lagi

When it comes to the soft melody, beautiful lyrics, and the amazing voice, then Tumhe Dill Lagi comes to the top of the list. The song was beautifully sung by the legend, RahatFateh Ali Khan. His voice is known as the magical voice which gives the immense beauty to every single song he has ever sung. The song has also featured the king khan Salman Khan in the video.

3. Soch Na Sake

The beautiful song is from the famous movie, Airlift. The song reached a long drive of a couple who were leaving the country due to the immense violence and corruptions. The song was beautifully sung by Amaal Malik. The singer is well known for his beautiful voice and the ability to manage the high and low tune.

4. Ishq Mubarak

The another great Hindi video song on YouTube is sung by Arjit Singh from the movie Tum Bin 2. The song has featured the top actors and was beautifully shot. The high-quality video along with the thrilling voice of the singer added to the immense beauty of the song. The song was the reason for the popularity and the wide recognition of the movie.

5. ZarooriTha

When it comes to the beautiful and the top hit Hindi song video then ZarooriTha is not behind. The beautiful voice of RahatFateh Ali Khan along with the romantic video added more value to the song. The song has been widely praised and appreciated across the world. The international recognition of the singer contributed to the appreciation. The video got over a billion views on Youtube.

6. Tum Hi Ho

The song is the most famous and the super hit movie, Aashiqui 2. The song was beautifully sung by the most famous singer of the industry, Arjit Singh. The song crossed all the records. The video of the song beautifully narrated the love story of a couple. The song beautifully summarized the movie.

7. Suno Na SangeMarmar

The song has been beautifully sung by Arjit sung. If you have missed this song then you should surely watch this at first. The soft melody and the incredibly beautiful lyrics added to the beauty. The song is the production of Arjit Singh and does not belong to any album. The singer along with the talented composing team made the song the most popular and most listened song of the year.

8. Do Peg Maar

The song is from the most romantic movie of the century, One Night Stand. Moreover, the song was sung by the most refreshing singer of the Bollywood industry, Neha Kakkar. The singer is known for its beautiful voice and powerful tune. The soft and low tune along with the seductive video of a nightstand. The song also featured sunny Leon as the main actor which added to the beauty and the wide appreciation of the song.

9. Kabhi Jo BadalBarse

When it comes to the best Hindi video song then we cannot miss Kabhi Jo BadalBarse as it confines the variety of aspects together. The song consolidates the best melody and the beautiful mixture of the tune and drum. The name of the song itself is translated as the Ready Clouds, which identifies the romantic relationship.

10. Banjarey

The song has been beautifully sung by the legendary singer of the history, RahatFateh Ali Khan. The song is the only producer of the singer which has crossed over a billion views on the internet. The song got immense popularity and recognition across the world. The video has been enacted and confined to the best measures of the quality soundtrack.

Part 2. Watch YouTube HD Video Hindi Songs on Snaptube

When it comes to the Hindi songs then the world is crazy about them. From romantic to drama, action to thrilling then Hindi songs have confined to the variety of themes. If you have missed the above Hindi songs then you must watch them at the first minute of your life.
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