The joy of watching WWE is often elevated with theme songs used in WWE. A WWE theme song is a major part of the superstar’s overall character. The music makes the fan groan, and it also keeps the fan going. It can have you in tears, booing or cheering. Some WWE them songs can make you feel better, while others can make you angry. All WWE superstars use theme songs as an entrance move to the stage. Here is a list of top 10 WWE songs of all the time.

Part 1. Top 10 WWE Theme Songs Worth Listening to

1. Rest in Peace -Undertaker

The basis of Undertakers theme was one of the most iconic pieces of classical music. The song takes a legendary and iconic style from the Johnston’s addition -the gong. The fans are conditioned to expect the signature sound anytime the lights go out in the arena. The accompanying pop is also one of the loudest of the night.

2. Line in the Sand -Evolution

It is such as cool theme song which is performed by Motorhead who is Triple H’s favorite band. The song had prolific lyrics and the ability to capture the essence of what revolution was all about.It is one of the songs which remained iconic even after the group disbanded in 2005. The theme was brought back again in 2014, and it was awesome.

3. Catch the Breath – Finn Balor

The song is dark and dramatic with theatrics weaved all in one. Balor’s presentation in the entrance is also excellent. Even if his entry is timely, the fans can play with the high notes of the song. The song screams wrestle mania is making it a theme song of all time.

4. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me – Stone Cold Steve Austin

The song has been doctored over the years with few changes. The song which was entitled “Glass Shatters” 2000 makes the fans realize that they are for some mud stomping. The song has strong sounds of breaking glass which announces Stone Cold Steve Austin’s presence.

5. Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels

In his earlier days, Michaels was the epitome of the heartbreak kid. The lyrics were boastful and cocky. When he danced along to the song, people would love it. The song is still catchy and fans even today. Since 1993, the song is one of the greatest WWE theme songs that will stand a test of time

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6. What a Rush – Legion of Doom

The theme song by the legion of Doom made you realize that trouble was coming. When Hawk’s voice came through the speakers, you knew it was time for the legion of doom. The music portrayed their badassery to the fullest. LOD had that look and the strength that went along with the music. They would barrel in their motorcycles making the moment to be icing.

7. Real American – Hulk Hogan

The song was an embodiment of a pro wrestler. Fans would sing in unison when Hogan would come to the stage. He was a hero who made his presence be felt, making people feel like real Americans. The message of the song is strong and resonates with the fans today. The song justified Hogan’s character to icon status.

8. Shinsuke Nakamura – The Rising Sun

The entrance theme song matched the persona of Nakamura who looked like a rock star. The song captures him from the beginning of the rock to the Japanese sound. The song has the feeling of “larger than life” inside it making it fan even in its infancy.

9. Hart Attack – Bret Hart

It is a great WWE theme song with powerful guitar opening riff which makes fans go wild. The song made fans feel the event and made Hart look like a larger than life superstar. He started using the song in 1994, and currently, he has used a more recent version of the song. No matter how many times the song has been remixed, the original song remains to be the best.

10. My Time – Triple H

The theme song was used in 2000, and it is one of the best theme songs by Triple H. the song symbolized Triple H’s emergence to icon status and the time he was coming to prominence. The song has the early 90s and 2000s vibes, and it captures that time perfectly.

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