Weddings are one of the most fascinating moments of life. It is considered a crucial part of the life cycle. This is not just a bond between two people but the people they are associated with. The responsibilities and the duties are increased with the level of fulfillment of each other’s happiness. 

To make this moment more enjoyable and memorable, songs are the supporting agents. We have been listening to the most epic wedding songs of Bollywood from our childhood and it feels like every wedding is incomplete without these. 

Therefore, to remind the same feeling and to continue the legacy of the wedding trend, this article has provided you with a fantastic tool where you can get the best wedding songs MP3 download. 

How to Download Wedding Hindi Songs using Snaptube?

A place where you can get plenty of free music of any genre is possible with Snaptube

Download the wedding songs easily with Snaptube and play it without any problem in the wedding ceremonies, no need to wait for an internet connection just go with the offline flow. 

best hindi wedding songs downloader

Here are the steps to download wedding songs MP3 using Snaptube:

  1. Install Snaptube free music downloader app from its official site. 
  2. After the app is downloaded, install the app and approve the requirements by selecting on allow options popping one after another. 
install the Snaptube app
  1. Now open the Snaptube app and start to explore the wedding songs you want. 
  2. After you’ve found the Hindi wedding songs, tap on the download icon situated in the right corner of the individual song.

(Alternative: You can type the keyword of the song or the artist’s name on the search bar or else copy the URL link from online streaming sites, paste it, and download it.)

find your favorite wedding songs hindi
  1. Downloading brings various format options such as MP3 or MP4, select your preferred format and now tap on the download button. 
download wedding songs hindi mp3

Simply put, you can find songs in any style and any language on Snaptube. You can listen to songs online or choose to download them offline. Best of all, Snaptube is completely free and offers the option to download music in lossless HD quality. If you want personalized dance songs for wedding sangeet, get the app now. 

Importance of Wedding Songs in Each Stage of a Wedding

Every phase of a wedding has its own rituals and impressions. Comparatively, songs do play an equal role in the wedding ceremonies as it sparkles the actual scenario. The importance of wedding songs in different stages of the wedding are:


This is totally considered for a bride. Well, Mehndi in little amounts is put on the groom’s hand as a part of the ceremony. Bridesmaids, bride’s female members and other girls attending this ceremony apply mehndi. With the touch of songs, the event becomes enjoyable. Traditional classic duet Tabla and Sitar with classical Indian Santoor player is preferred in this event. 


Solely the music and dance night is Sangeet. It is the first formal introduction of the bride to her new family. It is one of the most fun and entertaining ceremonies. Dance performances of the bride and groom, their parents, relatives, and friends are the core purpose of the event. Very vivid Sangeet songs are played that make the attendees’ legs move themselves. 

most popular wedding song


This big day brings a complete transition in the couple’s life and the new chapter begins afterward. The groom arrives with Barat sitting on horseback traditionally or in a car and other people from the groom’s side dance to the beat of Band Baaja and Dohl. People enjoy dancing, nowadays Bollywood songs, fusion bands, live bands or DJs are highly selected rather than traditional music performances and music. 


This is the most emotional moment of the entire wedding ceremony. Seeking off is not easy for the bride’s family or for the bride. In this session sad and sentimental songs are played that resemble the vidai/leave of the bride from her parental home to her husband’s family. 

Top 10 Best Wedding Songs in Hindi 

  1. Kithe Reh Gaya
  2. Leja Re
  3. Dilliwali Girlfriend
  4. London Thumakda
  5. Gallan Godiyaan
  6. Dil Chori
  7. Coca Cola 
  8. Morni Banke
  9. Veerey Ki Wedding 
  10. Lagdi Hai Thaai

Top 10 Happy Wedding Songs in Tamil 

  1. Aalapol Velapol
  2. Aaha Kalyanam
  3. Aadungada Yennai Suthi
  4. Aalana Naal Muthala 
  5. Aathangara Orathil
  6. Aathangara Marame
  7.  Ammadi Un Azhagu
  8. Yaaro Yaarodi
  9. Nooru Varusham
  10. Margazhi Masathu

Top 10 Wedding Telugu Songs

  1. Vachindamma 
  2. Pelli Pandiri 
  3. Kalyanam Vybhogam
  4. Merise Merise
  5. Laalu Darwaja 
  6. Kokilamma Pelliki
  7. Pelli Pustakam
  8. Kodanda Ramudu
  9. Anna Chelleli Anubhandham
  10. Murari 

Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Songs Malayalam 

  1. Aval Varum
  2. Ente Mathram 
  3. Thoomanju 
  4. Nammal Onnayidum
  5. Puthiyoru Paathayil 
  6. Manasukulla
  7. Mullapoovithalo
  8. Poomuthole
  9. Etho Mazhayil
  10. Jeevamshamayi 

FAQs of Wedding Songs

Which Bollywood song is best for wedding dance?

There are many lovely Bollywood songs for wedding dance but as per the views and most played songs in wedding are aankh maare, jhallah wallah and many more.

Which instrument must be played at Indian marriages?

It differs from the different cultures practiced in India. Traditionally, it is shehnai, thavil, nadaswaram, sitar, tempura, tabla, dhol and tumba. Whereas in modern times, DJ is arranged for many weddings. It depends on people’s preference rather than tradition nowadays. 

How to create a wedding song playlist?

First, you need to install the Snaptube app >> search for the wedding song and download it >> all the downloaded music will be automatically shown in its default player. Now you can create the playlist and play it in a loop. 

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