Ugadi is one of the popular festivals in South India which falls on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month also known as the new year. To make the Ugadi festival and Gudi Padwa celebration more memorable people play songs and enjoy with their friends and family. Ugadi song makes this festival more enjoyable. However, getting all the festival song MP3 downloads in one place is a hectic task and it is frustrating searching the songs one by one. To solve all these issues, we are introducing a magical app, Snaptube. Today, we will be learning how to download Ugadi songs for celebration with ease.

The Best MP3 Downloader For Festival Songs: Snaptube 

Snaptube is a mobile application that makes users download videos and music from different online sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. This app is available for Android phones. It is the best MP3 downloader, that lets you save Ugadi special songs. In addition to traditional songs, you can also download any modern music inspired by the festival. 

Many artists create new music that incorporates traditional elements of Ugadi, such as the use of classical instruments and rhythms that is also easily available with the Snaptube app.

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It is a really helpful app, this can be proved by its amazing advantages that go along with the ability to have an MP3 playlist.

  • Snaptube supports a wide range of video and music websites.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to download videos and music with just a few clicks.
  • Offers users different download options such as audio-only or video-only downloads.
  • Has a fast download speed, allowing users to download videos and music quickly and efficiently.
  • Snaptube is a free app, which means users can download and use the app without having to pay for it.

List Of Happy Ugadi Songs Of All Time

Get a limitless number of festival songs from the Snaptube app and make the Ugadi festival more enticing. The list of songs is as follows: 

1. Shri Rama Navami – G. Balakrishna Prasad

A devotional song that pays tribute to Lord Rama, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism, and is often played during the Ugadi festival.


2. Yuga Yugadi Kaledaru – Dr. Rajkumar 

A classic Kannada song that celebrates the joy and happiness of Ugadi. 


3. Uyyala Jampala – Nageshwori Rupakula

It is a Telugu folk song that talks about the various customs and traditions associated with the Ugadi festival.


4. Ugadi Special Song – Pavan Charan

A lively and upbeat Telugu song that celebrates the traditional Ugadi dish, Ugadi Pachadi, and the spirit of togetherness and unity it represents. 


5. Ugadi Kannada – S. Janaki

It is a beautiful Kannada song that celebrates the joy and happiness of Ugadi. 


6. Hosa Varsha Bandaga – Archana Udupa, M.D.Pallavi

A popular Kannada song that captures the festive spirit of Ugadi and the excitement of welcoming the new year.


7. Ugadi Subhakankshalu – Lipsika Bhashyam

A lively and upbeat Telugu song that expresses good wishes for the new year and the festival of Ugadi. 


8. Puthandu Poothathu Indru – S. Janaki

It is a Tamil song that celebrates the joy and happiness of the Tamil New Year, which is celebrated around the same time as Ugadi. 


9. Mangalagowri – Lata Mangeshkar

A popular Marathi song played during the Gudi Padwa festival, which is celebrated in Maharashtra around the same time as Ugadi.


10. Ugadi Song – Mangli

It is sung in the tone of modern songs which explains every activity done on the auspicious day of Ugadi.


Never make any festivals go without making them memorable, playing  Ugadi’s special song and Gudi Padwa song is one of the best ways to live the festive time to engage with what connects us to the Lord as well as we all can enjoy. Switch to Snaptube today for all kinds of music and to download Ugadhi 2023 festival songs.

updated by Chief Editor on 2月 20, 2023