latest tamil songsTamil is one of several languages in India, predominantly spoken in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern part of India. Tamil music, which is part of the rich art and cultural scene among the Tamil people, has evolved for centuries from traditional folk to include many modern genres, including pop, comedy, fusion, patriotic, fusion, and movie songs. At its base, however, Tamil songs are often categorized into three main groups, namely classical, devotional, and folk. In this post, we’ve sampled some of the latest Tamil hits this year. Check them out.


Part 1. Top 10 Tamil Hit Songs You Cannot Miss

1) Top 5 Tamil New Songs

1. Adi Vaadi Thimira

This chart-topping, peppy rock hit was sung by Gold Devaraj and composed by Ghibran. It features some progressive verses from Uma Devi, making it one of the greatest hits of 2017.

latest tamil songs


2. Aalaporaan Thamizhan 

This tune brings the listener alive with a mix of soft lyrics and an up-tempo beat that makes for the perfect feel-good mood. The song was composed by A. R. Rahman and is performed by A. V. Pooja as part of the movie, Mersal.

latest tamil songs

3. Kadhalaada

This is another smooth song composed by Anirudh Ravichander, with Pradeep Kumar and Shashaa Tirupati lending their vocals to the song. The lyrics by renowned lyricist Kabilan Vairamuthu make the song one of the few you can listen to on a cool evening without a care in the world.

latest tamil songs

4. Surviva

Surviva is another up-tempo hit with powerful lyrics and catchy rap verses that will surely leave you inspired to do more. The song was sung by Anirudh feat. Yogi B and Mali Manoj, with lyrics from Yogi B and Siva.

latest tamil songs

5. Yemma Yea Alagamma

This song is probably the most addictive track of 2017, thanks to a catchy hook and relatable lyrics. The song was sung by Bombay Jayashri and Haricharan, with lyrics from the talented lyricist, Karky.

latest tamil songs

2) Top 5 Tamil Devotional Songs

1. Om Namo Bhagavathe Sri Ramana

latest tamil songs
2. Janani Janani 

latest tamil songs
3. Karuna Sindhu

latest tamil songs
4. Sree Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram 

latest tamil songs
5. Sri Vishnu Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram

latest tamil songs

Part 2. 5 Sites to Listen to Free Tamil Songs Online

1. YouTube 

latest tamil songs

YouTube is no doubt the most popular video streaming site on the globe, with millions of viewers tuning in everyday to watch videos. For lovers of Tamil songs and videos, YouTube provides one of the biggest platforms to watch Tamil-related content. You can find most of your favorite videos by simply searching through YouTube’s large database using simple keywords.

2. SoundCloud

latest tamil songs

SoundCloud is the music version of YouTube, with a huge database of songs from all genres and walks of life. SoundCloud allows users to stream music straight from its servers for free. You can stream anything from single Tamil tracks to complete music albums without paying a dime. SoundCloud also links up with your social accounts, making it easy for you to link up with others and make requests for songs that aren’t on the site.

3. Dailymotion

latest tamil songs

In a digital world that is dominated by YouTube, Dailymotion does a good job of providing an alternative platform for video sharing. Even though most of the videos are quite rough and mostly amateurish, you can still get a lot of videos from the Indian subcontinent, including many Telugu songs and videos.


latest tamil songs


DailyTube is another video sharing and hosting site that lets users upload and share videos and music with anyone who can access the site. DailyTube is largely geared towards audiences in India and other countries in South Asia, which makes it the perfect portal to get your daily dose of Tamil songs and music videos.


latest tamil songs is a video sharing site with tons of videos trailers, music videos, and news videos across multiple channels hosted on the site. The site works more or less like YouTube, but with more emphasis on content that is more relatable to people from South Asia.


Part 3. Best Way to Listen to Tamil Hit Songs

latest tamil songs

With multiple music streaming platforms coming up every other day, it often gets confusing to shuffle between different sites when streaming music, especially when you’re on a mobile device. Snaptube is an Android app that takes away all the stresses of managing your music streaming sites.

By hosting all your streaming sites on one platform, you can simply power up Snaptube, tap on a streaming site, insert your music keywords, and voila – you’ll be listening to your Tamil tunes in no time. The app covers most video and music streaming sites on the internet, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Besides, you can also simply use the app’s video and music search feature to locate your favorite tunes across the internet without a hassle.


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