Punjabi music is known all over the world for its timeless composition and upbeat tracks. Even though the language is native to the state of Punjab in India, its speakers can be found all over the world. Just like every other language, Punjabi music also has different genres. From Punjabi rap to folk music, one can listen to different kinds of styles. To help you pick some of the best Punjabi song, we have come up with this thoughtful guide. Read on and know what is trending in the Punjabi music scene.

Part 1. Top Punjabi Songs You Can Listen to

Top 5 New Punjabi Songs

If you wish to groove on the latest tracks, then give these songs a try:

1. Rukh

Akhil has come up with a brand new single that will certainly be your favourite in no time. The song has got some thoughtful lyrics too.

2. NaJa

Pav Dharia has released his new single, NaJa a while back. It is currently dominating the Punjabi music charts for its upbeat tone and thoughtful lyrics.

3. Jaani Teta Naa

If you are a fan of Sunanda Sharma, then you will fall in love with her new track as well. Give it a listen and be sure to include it in your playlist.

4. Jhooth

Performed by Gitaz Bindrakhia, Jhoot is a poignant song that is known for its powerful lyrics and catchy music.

5. Mere Rashke Qamar

The song is originally sung by Junaid Asghar and is known for its romantic video and lyrics. By watching its video, you will certainly end up smiling.

Top 5 Old Punjabi Songs

If you like old and classical Punjabi songs, then you will certainly love giving these hits a listen.

1. Tunak Tunak Tun

The song shaped Daler Mehndi’s career and became a mega-hit at the time of its release. Even today, it is considered as a great dance and workout song.

2. Ishq Tera Tadpave

Considered as a breakthrough song of the time, Ishq Tera Tadpave is still played by DJs in Punjab. It will certainly make you hit the dance floor.

3. Bolo Tara Rara

This is another hit by Daler Mehndi, which is considered as one of the best Punjabi songs of all time.

4. Nachange Sari Raat

If you are a 90s kid, chances are that you must have already grooved to Stereo Nation’s mega-hit that was all over the radios at that time.

5. Bulla Ki Jaana

Bulla Ki Jaana by Rabbi Shergill is unlike any other song on our list. With a heavy influence of Punjabi folk, the track is known for its thoughtful lyrics and video.

Top 5 Guru Punjabi Songs

If you are a fan of Guru Randawa, then you should listen to these tracks right away!

1. High Rated Gabru

The song has quite an upbeat music that will get you hooked. You can also include it as a part of your morning jam.

2. Suit

Guru Randhawa presents his latest pop song for his fans. If you are a Punjabi speaker then you will certainly love this song.

3. Fashion

Fashion is another single that is performed by Guru Randhawa. Besides its music, the song is also known for its glamorous music video.

4. Tu Meri Rani

Dedicate this song to your lady love and be sure to put a smile on her face. The track certainly has a warm feel to it.

5. Yaar Mod Do

Performed by Guru Randhawa and Millind Gaba, the song celebrates the true essence of friendship at its best.

Top 5 Punjabi Folk Songs

Since Punjabi is a regional language, it has got plenty of folk music as well. Here are a few of Punjabi folk music:

1. Chambe Di Booti

Chambe Di Booti is one of the most evident Punjabi folk songs of all time, which has been performed by plenty of artists till date.

2. Jugni

Jugni is another popular folk song. Though, it has been included in plenty of new movies as well with its unique rendition.

3. Madhaniya

It is one of the most heartfelt Punjabi folk songs of all time. It has recently been covered by Neha Bhasin in her unique way.

4. Laung Gawacha

Laung Gawacha is a popular Punjabi folk song that is mostly sung during weddings and is dedicated to the bride. Lots of artists have come up with their own rendition of the song.

5. Challa

Challa by Gurdas Maan was made popular more than a decade ago. This original Punjabi folk song is still adored by many.

Part 2. The Best Way to Listen to Punjabi Hit Songs

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updated by Chief Editor on May 01, 2020