Every person living on this planet holds and possesses some kind of love vides. Interestingly, these love vibes are remarkably recognized by romantic songs. However, it comes to the romantic and loveable songs then Punjabi songs secure the top position in it. The example of love, relationship, and attraction observed in Punjabi song is un-comparable to any other song. The Punjabi songs widely listen all across the world for their affection and lyrics. These songs are far beyond the culture and traditional boundaries. In order to help our viewers, we have listed down the top Punjabi love song which could be dedicated to your loved ones.

Part 1. Listen to New Punjabi Love Song on Snaptube

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Part 2. The 10 Best Punjabi Love Songs

1. Tu He Mera Rabb

The Punjabi love story song is the top hit of 2017, which was released on 6, Aprill. The song is beautifully composed by Jagmeet Singh who is widely known for its beautiful voice in Punjabi songs. The song for over 1 million views on the Youtube channel and has been widely dedicated to the loved once across the world.

2. Akhil Romantic Maestro

The true love Punjabi song is beautifully composed of Akhil and published by Ghabruu.com. The song has the exceptional quality that you won’t get bored while listening to the song. The superb lyrics along with the thrilling melody add to the overall beauty and appreciation of the song.

3. Sohni Kudi

The song is composed of Sandeep Brar and till now the song has received 2 million youtube views. The song is widely dedicated to the girlfriends and wives. The name of the song itself reflects the beautiful girl. The lyrics of the song also made it popular and were widely listened to by youngsters across the world.

4. Laal Suit Wali

The song is one of the Punjabi top love songs. It was composed by Deep Karan in March 2017. The song is considered as the best release of 2017. The song reflects the beauty of a girl in a red dress. The winning lyrics of the song are written by Maavi who is known for its romantic and loveable lyrics in the industry. The song reflects the true culture of Punjab and simply cannot be ignored by anyone in this world.

5. Propose

The song was composed by Dilraj Dhillion. The song is considered as the most sensational song of the year. The song was produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu. The song reached 5 million views on youtube. The song is perfect for anyone who wants to propose any girl. Even though, the youngsters across the world have explicitly used the song to express their feelings to their girlfriends.

6. Hawa Witch

The song was composed by Daljit, which as released on March 12, 2017, and considered as the top hit of 2017. The name of the song itself reflects the beauty and love air which implicates the form of romanticism. The song has been widely listened to and played in the wedding and similar functions for its beautiful lyrics and high and low beats. The song is surely not ignored by the people.

7. Blush

The song is composed by Deep Money and presented by T-series. Deep Money is the favorite singer of Punjabi songs and has a wide fan following. The singer is widely known for his beautiful voice and romantic lyrics. The name of the song, Blush, reflects the form of smile which is another major aspect of romanticism. The song got over a million views on YouTube and gains a lot of popularity on international platforms.

8. Tere Wali Jatti

The song was composed by Saini Surinder. The singer is known for his thrilling voice and amazing lyrics. The video of the song implicates how the singer, Saini proposes her girlfriends and the struggle he had to make in order to propose her. The interesting lyrics in his love story along with the enhancement made the video and song popular. The song was also listened to outside of Punjab for its beauty and lyrics.

9. Taare

The song was composed by Aatish, the song was another hit of White Hill Music Presentation. The lyrics and composition of the song were done perfectly which made the final version a piece of art. The masterpiece relieved over a billion views collectively on all YouTube channels. The song was based on the college love story where the singer struggled hard enough to show his love to his classmate. The interesting lyrics were the major reason for its popularity.

10. Chorney Wali Bahh

The song is also a romantic love song in Punjabi. The song was led by the female singer which was something different in Punjabi songs. Her thrilling voice and lyrics along with the spicy video made the song popular. The song was based on the home-love story which made it more interesting for the married couple. The example of true love presented in the song made it to a good watch and cannot be ignored. The song got over millions of views on the international forums and widely appreciated its simplicity and romanticism.

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