To remember the culture of our native place, nothing is better than listening to the folk songs. They always remind you of your roots and reality of life. You already know that Punjabi songs are all about dance, so their folk songs are also actually dancing tracks. For special occasions like wedding and anniversary, you can create a separate playlist containing folk songs in the Punjabi language. In most of the areas of North India, people can easily understand this language. This is the reason why they are too much popular in many states. In the below article, you will be able to know about 10 Punjabi folk songs that can enhance the enjoyment of any typical wedding dance.

Part 1. Top 10 Punjabi Wedding Folk Songs

1. Chan Mahi

Neha Bhasin recreated this old Punjabi folk song in her beautiful voice which is generally known as “jind mahi”. The music producer Sameer Uddin gave an amazing sound to this whole track of around 4 minutes. For weddings purpose, this is the must-have track if you are from Punjab or its nearby states. It was published on 14 June 2017 on Neha Bhasin’s YouTube channel and got 16K likes. The video director Prayrit Seth created an amazing video by adding a western touch in desi folk.

2. Jutti Kasuri

This is among the sweetest Indian Punjabi folk songs and currently in trend for pre-wedding shoots. You can listen to it in many typical Punjabi weddings. While listening to it with headphones, you will understand the hidden meanings in a better way. Its recreation with better music and clear voice are really amazing. If it is your wedding within few months and you are collecting some good songs for this occasion then definitely add this. With Snaptube, it has become very easy to save any song and play it in offline mode anytime.

3. Chambe di booti

Many singers gave their voice to this soundtrack such as Arif Lohara and Sain Zahor. Right now, it is available on YouTube in various versions that are liked by people of many countries. The song sung by Sain Zahor is best one because of his soulful voice that you cannot match with anyone else. You can listen to it with Snaptube application without requiring any special subscription.

4. Sargi

Sargi is a very beautiful Punjabi folk song sung by Amrinder Gill. This is based on the morning time in a typical Punjabi house where a girl’s wedding is going to happen. Not just audio, but you will also love to watch the video directed by Amit Prasher. YoY o Honey Singh gave a completely fresh music which suits the theme of the song perfectly. Under speed records banner, it was published on YouTube in January 2013.

5. Laung Gwacha

Laung Gwacha is one of the typical folk songs of Punjabi weddings that are sung by ladies. Now its latest versions are coming to market with better music and voice. Now Neha Bhasin created it as per the requirement of weddings requirement. If you also want to add it to your wedding album, just contact the photo studio and ask them to add it to the theme of the wedding.

6. Gal sun challeya

This song was sung by many singers in their own way adding new lyrics but the core meaning always remains same. Now Rupali is presenting it in a whole new way to play in wedding occasions. The Sony Music Company published it on 13 September 2015 which is trending till now.

7. Dachi waleya

Every typical Punjab lady is familiar with this folk song because they sing it on all celebration occasions. Especially for a wedding dance, Simar Kaur recreated it in her own way and people just love it. Mista Baaz gave amazing music to this song under the publishing house of Saregama Punjabi.

8. Goreyan nu Dafa karo

This is an iconic folk song of every Punjabi wedding and also a great dance track. The latest version of Goreyan nu Dafa Karo is sung by famous Punjabi singer Amrinder Gill. Speed records released it as the title song of a Punjabi movie which has now become the prime number of dance tracks. Since 22 August 2014, it has gained 23K likes on YouTube. To immerse in the music of this song, open your Snaptube app and start listening.

9. Madhaniyan

This beautiful song illustrates the old culture of Punjabi tradition. In the son, a newly wedded bride is remembering her parents while rolling milk churner. Now, Niharika Yadav recreated it in an amazing way that you cannot resist. The soft lyrics and music will surely touch your soul. There are many other versions of this song that you can play with Snaptube application.

10. Suh eve cheere waleya

While listing top Punjabi folk songs, this one cannot be ignored because, in the whole province, it is sung by ladies since old time. The recent version of this song is sung by Bani and Shivani with their beautiful voice. On the UPS TV YouTube channel, it is available to watch in High Definition.

Part 2. Listen to All Punjab Music on Snaptube

If you need a collection of Punjabi folk songs for dance, simply install Snaptube application on your Android device. It enables the user to save the songs in a playlist and play offline anytime. Whether the song is available in video or audio format, you can directly play it in MP3 mode from any website. On the home screen of this app, some shortcuts of audio sites are available. Also, you can add the portal of your choice by pressing + red button and it will remain forever. Before playing any song, Snaptube will ask you the bit rate so that you can specify the audio quality.
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