As a contribution to present structure of Bhojpuri cinema, artists like Pawan Singh and Manoj Tiwari did an amazing job. Pawan Singh is a versatile artist who can sing and act very well. All of his songs go viral among Uttar Pradesh and Bihar right after release. There are lots of hit songs available in his name which is played as a primary dance track. If you are a fan of Bhojpuri entertainment and want the soundtracks of latest singers then he is the perfect one. Scroll down to know more about the most popular Pawan Singh Bhojpuri song ever.

Part 1. Listen to Pawan Singh Hit Song on Snaptube

Bhojpuri entertainment is one of the leading regional industries in India where many talented artists are available. To avail the songs in both audio and video format, nothing is better than Snaptube for your Android device because of the following features:

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Part 2. Pawan Singh Song – Top 10 List

1. Pagli dance

In the playlist of latest Bhojpuri dance numbers, you must add this Pawan Singh Bhojpuri hit song. Pagli dance is a song from movie Saiyan Super Star in which he acts as well as sung too. This soundtrack was completed with his duet collaboration with Priyanka Singh. Music of all soundtracks was given by Avinash Jha and lyrics by Munna Dubey. You can watch this song in good resolution on the Enter 10 YouTube channel.

2. Gaana Bech ke Chumma

This is another dance number presented by Pawan Singh that you add in playlist. It is widely playing in DJ parties of Bhojpuri speaking areas. In the Sarkar Raj movie, he sang it and also performed as a dancer. To sing it, three singers contributed including Pawan Singh, Priyanka Singh & Madhuker Anand. Munni Lal gave the lyrics and Madhuker Anand was Music Director. In Snaptube application of Android, you can easily watch this song in all possible resolutions.

3. Dolha Patti

If you want a decent romantic Bhojpuri song on your smartphone then watch this one on Snaptube. This is from Dhadhkan movie Starring Pawan Singh as singer and actor. Music director Chhote Baba and Lyricist Vinay Nirmal are behind the thin great creation. Like many other previous sings, this is also a duet with Priyanka Singh.

4. Khaibu Ka Katahar

This is also from Dhadhkan movie in which singer Pawan Singh and Indu Sonali performed very well. Khaibu Ka Katahar is a dance soundtrack lyricised by Manoj Matlabi under the music direction of Chhote Baba. You can open the wave music Bhojpuri YouTube channel to watch it in original resolution. All songs including this movie were produced under Kishori films banner.

5. Lolypop Lagelu

In the list of Bihar’s most popular songs, Lolypop lagelu will always come on the top position. Not in north India, but this song becomes viral all over the country overnight. This was the first success milestone of his life. The music of Vinay Vinayak and lyrics of Zahid Akhtar are also equal contributors to the success of this song. It is the title song of this album and has crossed 112 K likes till now. This is a record of any Bhojpuri song that has got this level of likes.

6. Luliya ka mangele

For the hottest Bhojpuri dance number with double meaning Lyrics, you can opt out this one. Luliya ka mangele is a super hit song of Pawan Singh derived from Satya movie. it is also a duet song that was sung by Hunny B and Pawan Singh. Manoj Matlabi penned the lyrics and Chhote Baba is music director. You can listen to it on Wave music YouTube channel where lots of other Bhojpuri tracks are also available.

7. Patar Chhitar

Sarkar Raj movie and its songs are one of the massive hits from 2017’s Bhojpuri flicker’s list. The song Patar Chhitar Chotaki Jahajiya is a creation of Lyricist Manoj Matlabi and Music Director Chhote Baba. Under the banner of India E-Commerce Ltd., it is available on Wave music YouTube channel. To enjoy it on your smartphone, you just need to install the Snapube application on your Android device.

8. Hothlali

In Saiyan Super star movie, this was another super hit song with an amazing dance beat. Enterr10 music Bhojpuri music channel of YouTube is presenting it for public view since 27 September 2017. The Lyrics of Munna Dubey with voice of Pawan Singh and Priyanka Singh are enough to make anyone start dancing. Now without any subscription, you can save this song for offline viewing with the help of Snaptube application.

9. Diya gul kara rani

In his movie Pawan Raja, Pawan Sing added it along with the collaboration of Indu Sonali. Manoj Matlabi is the Lyricist as he does usually is most of the previous movies. In the video, you will see the hot scene of first night in a musical way. You can also enjoy it by opening Snaptube and start playing by just entering the keyword. Music director Avinash Jah always adds traditional Bhojpuri touch in all of his creations.

10. Bhar ajta dhodi

This one is also from his recent movie Pawan Raja. In this sound track, Priyanka Singh performed as a singing companion. The Lyrics of Chhotan Manish and music direction of Abinash Jah suits best on the video of this song. This is one of the latest songs of Bhojpuri film industry released on 6 Jan 2018 under Wave music YouTube channel.

updated by Chief Editor on Apr 30, 2020