Folk Punjabi songs are the great expression of the emotions, love, blindness, and purity. Punjabi songs are expression of romanticism. They are basic, enchanting, and brimming with the earnestness of feeling. The folk music of Punjab has crossed the fringes of Punjab as well as India and end up plainly prevalent everywhere throughout the world. These tunes are reprimanded and cleaned from era to era, and like everything of moderate development, they build up an independence, which does not fit impression. Let’s witness the purity, beauty, pain, and sorrow in the top heart touching Pakistani Punjabi song below.

Part 1. Top 15 Pakistani Punjabi Songs MP3

1. Selfiyaan

The most exciting and thrilling item song which released on 18th July 2015 under the directorship of Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Hassan Zia under the production banner of YNH. This was the second item song performed by the queen of Pakistani media industry – Sohai Ali Abro.

2. Kundi

The song ‘Kundi’ is the most playful and laughter song from the super hit movie – Wrong No. This playful song will get anyone in the mood. The song is perfect for the long drives and plays a good role in weddings.

3. Sun Yara

Sun Yara is one of the most influential Pakistani sad song in Punjabi composed by Junaid Khan and Damia Farooq which might bring tears to your eyes. The song speaks of the person who might not be listening to you when you are in need of him at the most. The soft tune adds beauty to its sweetness and makes you feel complete.

4. Tere Naal

Now here is the song which you can send to your loved one right away. Tere Naal from the super hit movie, Punjab Nahi Jaungi is the most exchangeable songs as it simulates the pure feelings of the one who is in love and has no words to express their feelings.

 5. Chal Hug Lay

Now if you are planning to party and want some crazy songs on your playlist then this is the one you should add at first. The most thrilling tune and crazy drumming wouldn’t help you resist yourself dancing. The song is from the most exciting movie of the year, Na Maloom Afraad 2.

 6. Sada Nika Jiya Dill

The song is penned by the legendary Sufi poet, Ataullah Khan, in this he has put in all his efforts to describe the pain of a broken heart. The song has been identified as the most painful song which has ever released in the Punjabi language. The old tune and music reflect the pure culture of Punjabi folk music.

 7. De Ke Dard Vichore Di

The most heart touching song is extracted from an old Urdu poetry. Due to its purity, the song is sprinkled with sadness. The song clearly speaks from the heart of the person who has failed to get his beloved.

8. Pata Nai Kado Hun Ke Mile

The song is composed by the master of heartbreaking poetry – Attauallah Khan who has deliberately contributed in bringing back the old and classical form of Punjabi poetries, in the form of music back to the country.

9. Nachaan Mea Oday Naal

Now here is the classical + Desi version of the Punjabi song by none other than, the king of Punjabi songs: Abrar ul Haq. The song has been widely played in many mehndi and wedding occasions.

10. Perdesi Hoyo Re

This song has been quite influential for the once who are away from their lands, the value and the purity of the own land could be witnessed by the words and tune.

11. Dill Pyaar Karnoon Karda

The most romantic song by Shan and Saima had gone viral for its fiction and deep meanings.

12. Koi Labda

When it comes to the romanticism then Quratulain Balouch couldn’t be missed. The beautiful and sensational voice has tremendously contributed to its popularity.

13. Mahiya

A thrilling song by Sahira Naseem is the sensational song in the history of Punjabi music.

14. Choorian

The song ‘Choorian’ was performed by Saima, the beautiful voice and the perfect enhancement by Saima made it worthy.

15. Pyaar Naal

Attaullah Khan’s masterpiece, Pyaar Naal has achieved great success because of his fine wordings and beautiful composition.

Part 2. Top 6 Pakistani Punjabi Singers

1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

new pakistani punjabi songs

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the world’s most respectable and admired singer. After him, no one could manage to take his place; he is the godfather in the Pakistan music industry. He proved to compose the best of Punjabi songs which have been listened around the world.

2.  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

pakistani punjabi song

After Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, his son Rahat is inherent by the beautiful voice of his father. He is considered as the pride of Pakistan. He is the king of current Pakistani music industry.

3.  Shafqat Amanat Al

latest pakistani punjabi songs

Mr. Amanat Ali is one of the precious singers the country has. Beautiful voice, depth and perfection made him the star in the music industry.

4.  Abida Parveen

download pakistani punjabi songs

Abida is known as the queen of music in the world. From folk to classical she has enormously contributed to the overall growth of the music industry of Pakistan.

5. Noor Jahan

pakistani punjabi songs mp3

She is the top most influential singer, many of the great singers have mentioned that she has a magic in her voice. She was one of the most prominent singers of the subcontinent.

6. Mehdi Hassan

pakistani punjabi songs

Last but not the least, Mehdi Hassan is one of the heart touching singer who has been a pride for the country. From classical, folk to national songs, Mr. Hassan has contributed in the overall music industry.

Part 3. Listen to Pakistani Punjabi Music on Snaptube

In the past thirty years, the country has produced some great and exceptional singers who have produced some heat touching songs. From folk to classical the best Punjabi Pakistani songs MP3 could listen to on Snaptube without any hassle. Just download the app and enjoy the top most famous songs around the world and let’s bring back the old classical music back in the modern world.
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