It’s not a secret anymore that the Pakistani drama industry is at an all-time high. Some of the remarkable actors like Fawwad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbas and Maya Ali have shown the best of their performances which countlessly added to the popularity and recognition of the industry. Besides the beautiful script and the hard work of the actors, the dramas are also known, remembered and watched because of their amazing and heartbreaking title songs. A 2-min song can surely make you the watch the whole drama! So let’s check out this list of top Pakistani drama songs and see whether you have missed any top hit serial or not?

Part 1. Top 10 Pakistani Serial Songs

1. Pyaray Afzal

When it comes to be beautiful story and the best title song of Pakistani drama then Pyaray Afzal secures the first position. The soft melody along with the engaging lyrics was the major reason for the people to get excited about watching the whole serial. Moreover, featuring of Hamza Ali Abbasi in the central role was also the major reason for the wide appreciation as he now known as the hottest actor.

2. Humsafar

Best story, amazing direction, and the heartbreaking title song what else do you need? The serial Humsafar is considered as one of the best and blockbuster ost songs of Pakistani drama which the industry has ever produced. The direction and the acting of two legendary actors, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan took the serial to the height of appreciation.

3. Mann Mayal

When it comes to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Maya Ali then they are actually made for each other. There love chemistry is surely appreciable. The title song of the drama was exceptionally appreciated. The soft melody along with the tune made people fall for the song. The song was translated into different languages so that it could be enjoyed internationally.

4. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Fawad Khan with Saniya Saeed? YES, this actually happened in this serial the chemistry of Fawad Khan and Saniya Saeed is surely amazing. The serial was mainly appreciated because of its amazing story and the heartbreaking title song. The song made the people curious as to how Khan and Saeed would act together in a serial while enjoying their college life in the drama! If you haven’t watched this drama yet then you should definitely watch it now!

5. Dill-e-Muztar

Now that’s my favorite Pakistani serial title song! The song has all the qualities to be called as the great title song. The song made the people realize how important the life is for a married couple. The title song beautifully summarized the story of the drama while keeping the climax and suspense in cover. The serial was exceptionally watched all over the world because of its beautiful title song.

6. Diyar-e-Dill

The name of the serial itself reflects the broken heart! The song beautifully summarizes the story of a family and show the best of the script. The serial was quite popular before releasing as the title song was enough for people to get excited and wait for it to release. The soft tune and melody made it the best of its kind.

7. Shehr-e-Zaat

If you’re sad and doesn’t feel like doing anything, you should definitely watch this right away. The song is made for the ones who are sad because it has all the things which would make you feel good and relax. The soft and low melody would make you relax and feel good about the things you have! The song has been beautifully composed and directed and was the major reason for the serial to get popular across boundaries.

8. Dastaan

The serial was released in 2017 and was immensely appreciated by the people across the world. The serial managed to get several awards and recognition based on its beautiful story and songs. However, the contribution of its title song cannot be ignored! The song added to the wide appreciation as it was perfectly sung and the combination of the low and high tune was surely appreciable.

9. Udaari

How can we forget to add this amazing serial? The title song of the serial Udaari beautifully picturizes the abuse which is often incurred by the women in the rural areas. The child abuse shown in the title song gave the people goosebumps and made them even more curious about the serial. The heartbreaking acting of Ahsan Khan was also the plus point for the serial.

10. Dumpukht

The serial was released in 2017 and was not appreciated as compared to other Pakistani serials. The story was not liked by the people within the country. However, the serial is still counted in this list, do you know why? Because the title song of the serial was truly amazing. The song made the people cry and was excessively appreciated by the people across the world.

Part 2. Listen to Pakistani Drama Title Songs on Snaptube

After 2010, the Pakistani drama industry has shown a remarkable improvement in terms of amazing script and songs. The serials are widely watched within the country because of their engaging songs. The breathtaking songs make the viewers more interested in the serial.
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