The Odia music was born alongside the inception of Odia cinema. Even though the music didn’t go mainstream in the beginning, it is being welcomed by people of all ages now. After 80 years of its inception, the Odia music is now as good as any other regional music industry, giving us some great songs that we can enjoy for life. There are many choices to begin with. Mostly, it features romantic songs portraying the dreams of love and then there are sad songs expressing heartbreak and despair. The first impression is very important and considering the history of this kind of music, recommended songs are your best choice. So here is a list of the best Odia song that will definitely give you a better picture of the music industry.

Part 1. Find the Best Odia New Song – 10 Recommendations

1. Tuhire Tuhire

This song is one of the latest releases in the Odia music industry these days. It comes to life with the voices of Satyajeet Pradhan and Deepthi Rekha Padhi. The beautiful lyrics were written by Arun Mantri and the video was directed by Anup Mohanty. This song was first aired on 91.9 Sarthak FM recently. It happens to be one of those romantic ballads you could listen to on a loop.

2. Romantic Paga Re

This is again one of those timeless romantic songs and was also aired on Sarthak FM recently. This song speaks of the romantic environment where love blooms and lovers speak of spending more and more time with each other. This song is a number from the solo album Sanwoli Saloni and was sung by Tarique Aziz.

3. Tu mora nihati darakar

As the name suggests, it is yet another romantic song where the protagonist expresses love for their other half. This song managed to become a super hit song in the Odia music world, and has a huge audience following it. The music for this song has been given by Humane Sagar, who is known for his romantic and charming melodies.

4. Tu mera isq he

This is a soft number which will make you crave for your lover or a memorable past for sure. This number features two of the best Odia singers, Satyajit and Asima Panda. The scintillating lyrics were provided by Sunil Moharana and the song was finally completed with the help of the music director, Manas Kumar. This song is definitely set for a calm evening.

5. Tu Kou Duniare Thilu

With great efforts from the music director, Arjun and beautiful lyrics by Kumarshree, this song is a peaceful number that will calm your senses. Humane Sagar lent his wonderful voice to this song and made it come alive in the hearts of people listening to it. It was quite a popular hit song during its release. It is considered as one of the best songs Odia music industry has ever produced.

6. Swapne re dhoka

One of the latest additions to music releases in the Odia, Swapne re dhoka is a heart-touching song about betrayal. You can deeply feel the pain that the singer is going through and is a perfect number for some contemplation as well. It is really a hard song to listen to, yet the softness of this song will definitely make you fall in love with both the lyrics and the music. This song features the voice of Pk and was directed by Manas Kumar.

7. Dil se bhala pae

Sung by Humane Sagar again, this is an amazing song speaking of romantic times and memories in love. The lyrics of this song were written by Panchanan Nayak and the music was directed by Lalit Kumar. The song is also known by its English name, Feel My Love and is immensely popular among the Odia music fans.

8. Chinhaa Chinhaa aakhire o sanam

From an upcoming movie Bajrangi, this song is the new trend among the Odia music audience. It is again a soft romantic ballad featuring the voice of Humane Sagar and Ananya, who is an amazing singer. This number comes under the label of Sarthak Music Industry, a popular label known for producing great Odia numbers. The song was brought to life with the help of music director Binni Patnaik.

9. Tere Bina

It features a new bittersweet romantic music that has managed to become a hit in this latest season. This song was composed by the well-known artist, Manas Kumar and was directed by Lubun-Tubun. It is from a solo album, which has the same name. The exceptional lyrics were penned down by Rajesh Kumar.

10. Arzoo

The protagonist in this song talks about the importance of his significant other. The vocals to this song were given by Luv, the lovely music was composed by Danish Ali, and the beautiful lyrics were by Shakeel Azmi. Though the song was recently released, it managed to steal the hearts of many in no time.

Oriya song has improved a lot since its inception. The industry is still growing, but also gave some of the best songs to our playlists. Each and every Odia album song on our list is a great choice for anyone who wants to start listening to Oriya music.

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