The Odia music industry has a widespread popularity among the whole state because of some amazing artists. This language is actually not spoken out of the region but still, there are large numbers of people who can understand and respond. If you are looking for some fresh music in this language then there are lots of options available on the internet. Here is a list of singers who are currently ruling the Odia music industry: Karunakar, Babun Kumar, Manas Kumar, Mahendra Kisan and Suresh Wadekar. Check out the top list of Odia movie song in the below list:

Part 1. Odia New Movie Song – Top 10 List

1.  O Sahiba

This song is among the top romantic tracks running in Odisha native’s mobiles and music systems. From Kabula Barabula Searching Laila movie, this song is sung by Biswajeet Mohapatra and Ananya Sritam Nanda. One can easily listen and watch it in all possible resolutions.

2. Zalima o Zalima

Zalima o Zalima song is also a romantic song from Kabula Barabula Searching Laila movie. It is officially published by Amar Muzik Odia channel on 3 October 2017. Singers are Humane Sagar, Ananya Sritam Nanda and lyrics by Subrat Swani.

3. Madhia Jami Hadapa Kala

The movie Jogi is a recent release of Odia cinema and this song is from that movie. You can listen both original and studio versions of this song through Snaptube app.

4. Gudulu gudulu gumma

The movie suna pila tike screw dhila was released on 4 August 2017 and all of its video songs are available to watch. Music of this song is given by Abhijit Majumdar and singer is Pinki Pradhan. Currently, it has more than 6K likes and millions of viewers.

5. Tike Tike Achinha

This song is from recent release Tum o love story movie which revolves around the life of students. Right after the release of movie,it is available in high definition quality to watch.

6. Nain mo pade aji nupura

If you are looking for a fresh item number from Odia movies then this song is the best one. It is from Romeo Juliet movie and sung by Ananya.

7. Nagin Nagin

This song is from Sister Srdevi movie and currently running in all celebration parties of Odisha. Nagin Nagin is basically a dance track which has currently 15K likes. Tarang TV channel has published it on 26 September 2016.

8.  Tu mo love story

This is the title song of the movie which is a school student’s love story. Human Sagar and Anaya Nanda are the singers who gave their beautiful voice to this romantic song. Along with this, there are total 5 songs that you can watch in this movie.

9. Thipi Khola

Thipi khol is a sad song of Odia language from recent release just mohobbat movie. It is a 3.14 minutes track which is edited by Biren Jyoti Mohanty and lyrics of Dr. Nirmal Nayak.

10. Mo chuni tale black money

This one is also among the latest item numbers of Odia cinema directed by Ashok Patil. Sanju Mohntay is the singer and lyrics are given by Nirmal Nayak. It is from sister sridevi movie and currently has more than 10K likes on official channel.

Part 2. Single Platform for Odia Film Video Song

For regional languages, it is not easy to find a reliable platform which is free of malware threats. Also, you need a simplified space where both audios, as well as visual content, is available very easily. To make it possible for everyone, nothing is better than Snaptube mobile application. Here are some specifications behind its too much popularity:

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Part 3. Old Odia Film Song – Top 10 List

1. Sapana ra pathe

While searching the oldest songs of Odia movies, this soundtrack will always come on the top number. You can watch the original black and white print of song in best quality resolution.

2. Boulo ki kahibi

This one is a 1970s black and white release Adina Megha that means unwanted cloud. Trupti Dash was the singer of this beautiful song and the music is given by Balkrishan Dash.

3. Maanika Alo Alo Maanika

Shesha Shrabana is an Odia movie of 1976 based on complicated love story of a higher caste girl and fisherman. This song was very famous in old times and still many Odia film admirers listen to it.

4.  Jochhana Luch

This is another black and white soundtrack from Adina Megha movie. Now you can watch in the .flv format through Snaptube app for best in class picture quality. It is a melodious song that will send you back to the time of the early 70s.

5. Tuchhaku Mahu

The Odia movie Mala Janha from 1965 consists of this beautiful song which is now available to watch. Music in this song is given by Akshay Mohanty and lyrics are of Binodini Devi.

6. Naanti Mo Naanti

This is another sound track from Mala janha movie which is sung by the sweet voice of Nandita Ghosh. It is available in best video quality which you cannot get from any other portal.

7. Phurr-kina udi-galaa bani

Jajabara is a movie of 1975 from which this song was derived and sung by Trupti das & Geeta Pattnaik. This is a 4.46 minutes sound track from the initial color movies of Odia cinema.

8. Nahin Mo Pade Aaji Nupura

The well-known Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik sung this beautiful song from phula chandana movie released on 1982. Lyrics are given by Nizan and music is of Saroj Pattnaik.

9. E duniya re kehi na kehi

Akshay Mohanta and Geeta Pattnaik made another romantic song for movie Jajabara. It was one of the most popular sound tracks of 1975 which is currently available to watch through Snaptube application of android devices.

10. Ei tara bahra janha rati

The old Odia movie Akhi Trutiya has this amazing song which is based on a traditional festival. Right after release in 1981, it has become an integral part of this festival and all Odia natives remember the lyrics perfectly.

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