From classical to folk, Nepali songs are the major contributors to the music industry. Some of the most influential Nepali singers like Narayan Gopal and Tara Devi rocked the world with their beautiful voice and incredible lyrics. Those songs have had own impact and have been widely appreciated across the world. I would try to list top 10 latest songs that will blow your heart away.

10 Latest Nepali Songs

1. Purba Pashchim Rail

The song is taken from the most successful Nepali movie of 2016. The song is composed and sung by Rajan and Anju Pant. The song managed to get wide popularity within Nepal.

2. Fantastic Pani Paryo

This is one of the famous Nepali foot-tapping songs and known as the popular song of the year. The dance and the melody of the song fueled up to the popularity and the mixture of English and Nepali language is the major reason for the wide recognition.

3. Nira Jaile Risaune

The song has been composed, written and sung by Kali Parsad and the song is from the famous movie of Nepal, Purano Dunga. The song was incredibly loved and praised by the Nepal community across the world.

4. Closer

The song is the foremost and widely listened song. The song crossed millions of views due to its immensely thrilling lyrics and beats. The song managed to get the wide popularity. The song is the great choice for the party animals.

5. Thamel Bazar

The song is from the movie LOOT 2 which was widely praised for its beautiful direction and setting. This was the first song of the movie which acted as the best trailer and rapidly gained the popularity of its lyrics and beats.

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6. Junkeri

The song has been composed by using the classical and traditional instruments which made it more popular. The soft tune and the use of classical instruments contributed to its wide popularity not only in the Nepal but across the world.

7. Euta Manche Ko

When it comes to the top list, then we cannot miss on the songs by Narayan Gopal. The song is remembered for his wide contribution to the music industry. During his time he has produced some amazing piece of songs which crossed over 10 million views.

8. Kutu ma Kutu

The song is from the famous movie of 2017, Dui Rupaiyan. The song is composed by Rajan Raj and edited by Lokesh. The song gained more popularity due to the movie which was widely praised. The song managed to get over a billion views.

9. Surke Thaili Khai

The song is from the movie Woda Number 6. The song was composed and sung by Rajan Raj and featured Deepak Raj Giri. The romantic video and incredible acting of Raj contributed to the wide popularity within Nepal and its outskirts.

10. Chiso Chiso Hawa Ma

The song has featured the incredibility best dancer which made it to the best creations of the Nepal. The song has been widely recognized within and outside of Nepal. The song added a colorful line of work to Nepal music industry.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022