The quality of Nepali cinema is getting much better since a decade after introducing some fresh faces in the entertainment industry. Also, the level of direction is also increasing to a new level. That is why both movies and songs of Nepali cinema are occupying huge fan following. Instead of Hindi movie songs, now people prefer listening to the Nepali language songs. The latest movies like: Dui Rupaiya, Gaatho, Gajalu, Bir Bikram contains many amazing songs that every native Nepali must listen at once. For the ease of viewers, here we are adding some most popular Nepali movie song of all categories including romantic, sad and dance etc.

Part 1. Latest Nepali Film Song – Top 10 List

1. Kutu Ma Kutu

For those who are looking for a fresh and traditional dance music video, this is the best option to watch. Kutu Ma Kutu is an iconic song of dui rupaiya movie released on 28 May 2017. This song is sung by Asif Shah, Nischal, Swastima and Buddhi. Lyrics and music of this video is given by Rajan Raj.

2. Gaatho

Gaatho is the title song of the movie which was released on 16 September 2017. Actually, this is a rap song performed by Najir Husen and Suraj Bhushal which has become very popular among youth. For something refreshing in the Nepali language, you must hear it at once.

3. Ae mero Hajur

This one is also the title song of Movie which comes in the romantic tracks category. Since 26 March 2017, it is available on YouTube from where you can listen or watch it. Voice is given by Sugam Pokhler and music is of Kalyan Singh. Currently, this song has 57K likes.

4. Nira

Purano Dunga is a romantic and comedy movie in which you can find this soundtrack. Music, Lyrics and Singing are done by Kali Parsad Baskota. Through Cinema Art Nepal YouTube channel, it is available to watch since 22 August 2016.

5. Talkyo Jawani

If you are looking for a latest item number in Nepal cinema then try out this one. Talkyo Jawani song is from dui rupiya which are a big hit of 2017. Singers of this song are Asif Shah, Nischal Basnet, and Meena Niroula.

6. Thamel Bazar

Thamel Bazar is from Loot 2 movie in which Alisha Rai, Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla and Nischal Basne played the main role. It is a dance track and you can discover it in all celebration events in Nepal.

7. Run on Gun

This song is derived from Lappan Chhappan movie sung by Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet. It comes in the rock music category with both music as well as lyrics are made by Deepak Raj. Poko parera song is available on YouTube channel to watch since 21 Feb 2017.

8. Panchhi

Panchhi song is a romantic music track from Ghampani movie that was released on 14 April 2017. Singing, lyrics and composition of this song is done by Kali Prasad Baskota and choreographer is Keki Adhikari.

9. Udey Udey

This song is available on YouTube since March 2017 and has 2k like right now. It is from Saayad 2 movie of durgish films Production Company. Vocal is given by Sugam Pokhrel, Sagar Pandey, Asmita Uprety and Kamal K Chhetri.

10. Aakashi Mai

Aakashi Mai is a popular song of Nepal province which is available to watch through Snaptube app when you access YouTube in it. Rajesh Payal Rai and Melina Rai are the singers who created this song with the lyrics of Sabu Sabi.

Part 2. Mobile Portal for Nepali Full Movie Song

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Part 3. Old Nepali Movie Song – Top 10 List

1. Jaha chan Buddha ka aankh

This is a melody song of Nepal province and is popular among the whole country since release. Both old and young generation listen to it because of the amazing lyrics and music. This song describes the beauty, legacy and history of Nepal.

2. Kun Mandira janchau yatri

Singer Rabin Sharma sung this beautiful Nepali song and is currently available on YouTube to listen. To avail it in best audio quality, Snaptube is the best option. Lyrics are given by Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad with amazing words.

3. Hatne haina dati ladne

This old Nepali sing is fully dedicated to the praise of nation by counting the achievements in history. Ganesh Rashik (Rai) and Friends sang this song who illustrate the unity of Nepal even after so many independent clans.

4. Rato Ra Chandra Surya

This song is from Shanti sangeet Sandhya which is sung by Ambar Gurung. On the authorized YouTube channel of music Nepal, you can listen to it with complete lyrics.

5. Chitko Gunyo

On Lalu Tamang YouTube channel, you can watch this old Nepali sing at best possible resolution. For old Nepal romantic songs admirers, this is the best option to listen.

6. Piratiko mitho tirsana

This song is from old nepali movie deuta which as very popular in old times. Voice to this song is given by Indrajeet Mijar and Bharti Gajmer. The music of this 1994 release movie is given by Rajjit Gajmer.

7. Ukai orali gardia

This one is one of the most beautiful Nepali songs of all time because many people still love to listen to it. Basically, this song is all about the memories of village which are beautifully sung by Sonu Nigam.

8. Naya naya sajau hai sansar

This romantic Nepali song is from Saino movie which has currently 4k likes on Youtube. On music Nepal channel, one can watch its video and listen the audio with the help of Snaptube app.

9. Sua katha euta geet

This song is also from Saino movie which was a super hit flick in Nepal. The famous actor Danny Denzongpa was in lead role and you can see beautiful visuals of Nepal in complete song.

10. Lahanale jurayo ki

Darpanchhaya is the super hit movie from which this song has been taken. It is a stage show video of movie ornamented with traditional music instruments of old times.

updated by Chief Editor on May 01, 2020