If you are a music buff, then you are up for a treat! We all use our smartphones to listen to our favorite tracks and watch the music videos of our choice. Though, too many times, users complain of low-quality videos or unwanted pop-ups while watching a music video. Don’t worry – we have a perfect solution for you. In this post, we will make you familiar with some of the best Android and iOS apps that can let you watch tons of music videos. You will definitely find the best music video app. Let’s get it started!

Top Free Music Video Apps

To start with, let’s have a look at some of the must-have music video applications that support Android and iOS devices.

1. Snaptube

A freely available Android app, Snaptube will certainly elevate your smartphone experience. It features an unlimited source of entertainment by integrating several video sharing platforms. Therefore, you no longer have to switch between different apps. Simply download Snaptube on your Android device and start watching your favorite videos.
snap tube for android

  • It has a fast-loading video player that supports HD videos
  • The app has integrated several platforms like Vimeo, Vevo, Vine, DailyMotion, and more.
  • It has a picture-in-picture mode that supports multitasking while streaming a video.
  • Lightweight, fast, and extremely easy to use.
  • A great way to discover new and trending content.
  • To get rid of ads, users can upgrade to a premium version.
  • Compatible with all the major Android devices

2. Lark Player

Listening to unlimited songs for free has never been easier! With Lark Player, you can get an access to millions of songs without spending a dime. The app will give you an access to the extensive music library. In this way, you can find songs of different languages and genres in one place. The app can also help you manage your music and create playlists. It has an aesthetically pleasing interface that supports numerous themes as well.

  • The app will give you an unrestricted access to all kinds of songs from genres like hip-hop, country, pop, rock, dance, and so much more.
  • You can add songs to a playlist and even manage multiple playlists using the app’s native interface.
  • Furthermore, you can personalize the playback of a song with its advanced equalizer.
  • The app can also help you discover new music with editor’s pick and the listing of the trending charts.
  • There are different themes that you can apply to the music player.
  • It also has a smart file manager that supports the auto-scanning of audios as well.

music video free app

3. Vimeo

music video app android

Another popular music video app that you can try is Vimeo. It is the first platform that supported the true streaming of HD content and is still used by millions of users the world over.

  • You can find all kinds of music videos on the app
  • It is also a great place to discover new content
  • HD videos available
  • Fewer ads
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows phones

4. Vevo

best music video app

Vevo is a video hosting platform that is mostly used by musicians. It has a vast collection of music videos, live concerts, and other original shows.

  • Solely dedicated to music videos and concerts
  • Supports HD streaming
  • Is only available in certain countries as of now
  • Freely available
  • Works on Android and iOS devices

5. FireTube

music video application

In a nutshell, FireTube lets you play videos in the background. Therefore, if you like to listen to songs without keeping the app active, then FireTube will be a perfect solution.

  • The music video app is integrated
  • Supports playing of videos in the background
  • Users can create a music library from videos
  • Compatible with Android devices

7. Dailymotion

android music video

This is another video sharing platform that hosts a wide range of entertainment. Besides music videos, you can also find movies and educational content here.

  • It is a freely available music video app
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Videos might buffer a lot on low-speed connection
  • Works on Android and iOS

8. MTV

new music video app

If you are a music lover, then you must already be familiar with MTV. The Music Television also has an app for Android and iOS devices. You can watch its original shows, get inside scoops, or even watch MTV live on your phone.

  • Watch music videos and original MTV shows
  • You can also stream MTV live
  • Freely available
  • Supports HD content
  • Android and iOS app available

9. MusicBox

best video music app

MusicBox is a dedicated iOS app that comes with a small subscription fee. Afterward, you can start watching tons of videos without any hassle.

  • Fast-loading player with HD video support
  • All the videos are segregated into different categories
  • Users can also discover new content
  • Compatible with iOS devices and Apple TV

10. Vh1

best music video app for android

Just like MTV, Vh1 also has a dedicated app that users can download on their device for free. It can be used to know more about your favorite artists, watch original shows, and the channel online.

  • The music video app also features inside scoops and the hottest tracks
  • You can also watch the channel live on your device
  • Also features Vh1 original shows
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

11. TurboTube

If you like to watch videos on a low-speed connection, then you can download TurboTube. It is integrated and can play videos with minimum lag. Therefore, you won’t experience unwanted buffering.

  • Supports almost every video
  • Fast-loading videos with no start-up lags
  • Contains in-app ads
  • Only works on Android devices

12. FreeDi

top music video app

This is another popular music video app that hosts a wide range of content. You can simply stream any video of your choice without paying anything.

  • Even though it is freely available, it has in-app ads
  • A wide range of entertaining content to pick from
  • Supports HD streaming
  • Compatible with Android devices

13. Specific Artist

application music video

Lastly, you can also download certain apps that are associated with various artists as well. For instance, all the popular artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, etc. have their dedicated apps. You can simply download these apps and know more about your favorite artists.

  • Besides watching videos, you can also follow your favorite artists.
  • Get to know them better, know their touring schedule, and more
  • Most of these apps are freely available

Now when you know about some of the best music video apps for Android and iOS, you can easily meet your requirements. Go ahead and download your favorite video music app and start watching tons of music videos without any trouble.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022