After the popularity of websites, now mobile apps are also providing online streaming services in a better way. It’s easy to personalise the playlists with the help of apps and also they are getting smart day by day. The best thing about music streaming apps is that they contain songs from worldwide languages so there is no need to skip from one site to another for searching songs in multiple languages. In the list below, you will definitely find the most interesting music app.

7 of the Best Free Music Apps You Must Try

1.  Snaptube

You may consider Snaptube as the all in one solution for all multimedia contents. For music streaming, this app is offering a special feature that enables you to listen to even videos in mp3 format. There is no need to install any separate mp3 converter. Also, you can search every website that offers music listening service. To personalise the app especially for music, you can put the bookmarks of popular music streaming sites on home page. After placing them, just tap on any address and avail their services directly on our Smartphone. Currently, the Snaptube application is only available for the Android operating system.
snap tube for android

2. SoundCloud

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If you are looking for an app containing global music stuff with unique remixes then nothing is better than this one. The app has some very unique features that you cannot find anywhere else. The seeker of forwarding and reversing comes with exact frequency bars of song that helps you to start the track from your desired point. It is also a great platform for those who want to introduce their singing or music mixing talent in front of the world. One can upload their creations with their name and gain worldwide popularity. As a listener, you can comment on anywhere in the middle of song.

3. Gaana

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This one is meant for those who want quality music without compromising with bitrate. The Gaana app is available for both iPhone and Android at their official application stores. It basically comes with two themes i.e. black and white. Gaana is one of the smartest music applications that can automatically create playlist according to the preference of your listening. All songs that you listen here are available with the options of low, medium, high and HD quality. Till high quality, the songs can be listened without paying any charges. For a high-end experience in sound quality, you need to subscribe to premium services based on monthly and yearly basis. While signing up, it will ask the preference of languages so that the app can automatically filter the results for better user experience.

4. Spotify

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Spotify is one of the most popular music apps that contains lots of advanced features. It is designed for playing on multiple platforms whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop. It has options of listening to the songs according to artist, genre or album. Also one can create his/her own playlist with abstract of songs. Most of its features are available without paying any subscription charges. However, there is also a premium service option in which you will be able to save the song for listening in offline mode and there will be no interrupting advertisements.

5. Audiomack

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This new music app has many amazing features to explore. Audiomack enables the users to mixtape the tracks which are new or currently trending on internet. Without subscribing to any premium service, you can save any song in physical memory of your smartphone to listen to it in offline mode. This app is specifically designed for music lovers who want to do multiple experiments with a single track. You can play the track as electronic, hip-hop or mixtape according to the preference. While listening to the songs, you can also follow their singers and producers.

6. Deezer

best free music app for android

Deezer is among the top rated music apps which are known for their unique features apart from other common service providers. It has a feature called Deezer flow for customising the playlist. The songs that you listen are available with their lyrics. It is helpful in understanding some complicated words that are difficult to understand. While reading the lyrics, you can sing and record your voice for personalized composition. One can get overnight famous if they have talent for singing. After recording, it has an option to share the track with worldwide community for global approach. It also offers a premium plus option in which you will not face any kind of annoying advertisement and limited skips problem.

7. Saavn

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You may consider this application as one of the biggest sources of Indian music. Along with Hindi and English, it also offers you a large database of soundtracks in regional languages. This is not all; the application has online radio facility where you will get uninterrupted music supply. For new users who are totally unaware of the use, top chart feature is available where latest trending songs will be available to listen. In the pro version of application, there will be no advertisement interruption and all audio files will be available at 320 bitrates for crystal clear music.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 11, 2020