Marathi cinema is a thriving industry that produces numerous films every year. Apart from various blockbuster movies and popular actors, it is also known for its distinctive music. If you are also a fan of new Marathi movie songs, then you up for a treat! We have handpicked some of the best and latest Marathi movie songs that you should listen right away. Let’s proceed and discover the gems of Marathi music.

Part 1. The Trending New Marathi Movie Songs

Without much ado, let’s dive in and get to know more about the promising Marathi movie video songs that are topping the charts these days.

1. Baya

Let’s start our list with this funky dance number that is bound to get you moving. The Marathi movie song is from the upcoming movie “Maska” and has been sung by Ganesh Chandanshive. It features a diverse cast and an entertaining video as well.

2. Shivaba Malhari

Sung by Prasad Oak, Ajay Purkar, Nikhil Raut, Astad Kale, Harish Dudhade & Sachin Deshpande, the song is certainly an anthem that is gaining a lot of popularity these days. This new Marathi movie song also has an equally epic video that you should watch.

3. Dewak Kalaji Re

From the upcoming Marathi film “Redu”, the song has been sung by Ajay Gogavale. Besides having funky lyrics, this Marathi film song also has a funny video that will certainly make you laugh out loud.

4. Funkarichi Wadle

Funkarichi Wadle is another Marathi track that you would love to include in your playlist. The song is from the Marathi movie, Whats up Lagna. The Marathi movie video song has been shot beautifully as well.

5. Gacchi

The song is from the famous Marathi movie, Friendship Unlimited. If you wish to reminiscence your friendship and remember the good old college days, then you should certainly give this one a listen.

6. Gurujicha Mhatara

While it has been a while since this new Marathi movie song was released, it is still maintaining its position in the charts. The song is from the award-winning Marathi movie, Dashakriya. Needless to say, the song is quite emotional and has been written beautifully.

7. Kheladu Pahije Nava

Give your playlist an upbeat tone by adding this funky Marathi movie song to it. From the movie, Shikari, this Marathi movie video song is quite entertaining to watch as well. It has been sung by the widely acclaimed singer, Urmilla Dhangar.

8. Tumhi Yetana Kela Eshara

Tumhi Yetana Kela Eshara is a trending dance number from the movie, Farzand. The song has taken its inspiration from the Marathi folk music and features a traditional dance in its video as well. While the music is given by Amit Raj, it has been sung by Vaishali Samant.

9. Taichya Lagnala

Also known as the “Haldi song of the year” Taichya Lagnala has certainly blended the traditional Marathi music with the new-age beats. This new Marathi movie song is from the film, Love Lafde. Needless to say, you should play it during the Haldi ceremony of a wedding for a fun-filled time.

10. Houn Jau Dya

Recently, Madhuri Dixit made a comeback to the Marathi film industry with her critically acclaimed performance in the movie, Bucket List. While the movie has tons of catchy songs, Houn Jau Dya is certainly our favorite. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Sadhana Sargam, and Shaan, the Marathi film song features a colorful video as well. It is currently dominating the charts too and can’t be missed by any Marathi fan.

Since the Marathi film industry is quite diverse it is tough to include all the latest Marathi movie songs in one place. Though, we have tried to include numerous songs from different genres in this list. Go ahead and give them a listen and explore more Marathi movie songs on Snaptube.

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