MP3 format is the best way to listen to songs. The reason is that many of the devices, latest or old, still support the codec and makes it the best choice. Another important factor is that that the format ensures quality without consuming more space in comparison to other high-end formats. The internet has provided a medium to listen to songs at any time using any device. However, it has become difficult to find the best websites where we can find everything that we wish to listen to. Nonetheless, several sites have come forward with collections, many of which are the production houses, making it easy for listeners to all their favorite Malayalam songs with ease.

Part 1. Top 10 New Malayalam Songs

1. Roshomon

Roshomon is from the latest movie Solo. It does provide an impact, which the listeners would like to!

2. Singa Kutty

Another song from the movie Solo, Singa Kutty is the second in the spot. Do listen to the same and have a refreshing movement.

3. Ee Kaattu

Composed by Deepak Dev, Ee Kaattu takes the third spot. Sung by Karthik, it hit the chartbusters and took the third place with the entire atmosphere making you want to feel the soothing lyrics.

4. Sita Kalyanam

Yet another song from the movie Solo, Sita Kalyanam sung by Renuka Arun is a classic in its part.

5. Pyaar Pyaar

Pyaar Pyaar from Parava is an outstanding song sung by Rex Vijayan and composed. The lyrics are pure, and so is the music.

6. Ormakal

Another song from Ormakal is a cool song by Rex Vijayan. Yet another soothing song for the movie and music lovers.

7. Aal Ayaal

Aal Ayaal is another from the movie Solo starring Dulquer. With compositions by different artists and sung by Sooraj Santhosh, it is the adaptation of a traditional song.

8. Enthavo

From the movie Njandugalude Naatil Oridavela, Enthavo sung by Suraj Santhosh and composed by Justin Varghese is a soothing song to the ears.

9. Aigiri Nandini

The reprise version of the traditional song in the movie Solo is sure to produce goosebumps. So, get ready for something special.

10. Oru Vanchi Paattu

Well, the last in the top ten belong to the album Solo too! Sung by Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Oru Vanchi Paattu is rock song with lyrics that take you to a different world.

Part 2. Search Malayalam Hit Songs on Snaptube

As you have seen, there are different options to listen to songs online, but they all make you confused and tiresome when you are searching for a song. A better way to come out of the hassle is by using Snaptube, which integrates with all the websites with ease. Due to this, you do not have to install all the applications to search for a song that is not available on a particular app.
snap tube for android
With Snaptube, you can search from within the application, and it provides you the results from all the sites it supports. It not only spares you the time in searching and makes you feel tired, but it also saves space too, as you do not have to install so many applications just to listen to your favorite Malayalam music online!

Part 3. Top 10 Old Malayalam Songs

1.  Ponveene from the movie Thalavattam

2. Pathiramazhayetho from the movie Ulladakkam

3. Padam pootha kalam from the movie Chitram

4. Manjal Prasadavum from the movie Nakashadangal

5. Megham Poothuthudangi from the movie Thoovanathumbikal

6. Konjikarayalle from the movie Poomukhapadiyil Ninneyum Kaathu

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022