The songs written and sung in Malayalam are quite famous within and outside of Kerala. However, the industry is also famous for producing tremendous devotional songs by various artists about various gods. The classical touch along with the soft melody adds to the beauty of the devotional song. Some of the dominant singers managed to gain wide popularity all over the world. Now, let’s experience the most famous Malayalam devotional songs which are sung for various gods.

Part 1. Malayalam Hindu Devotional Songs

1. Koolivakaiku Ponnunni

This song comes to the top of the list as it managed to get over 21 million views. The song has been widely appreciated within and outside of Kerala. The song was released in 2015 and immensely hit the box office. Moreover, the song got termed as the number one song in the country.

2. Unaru Unaru

The song was beautifully sung by Angamaly Pranchi. The song was widely appreciated due to the soft touch of folk. The song evidently featured the raw life of a youngster. The song is the perfect pick to sing together with the friends. The song is from the movie Mani Ratnam.

3. Chirithooki kaliyadi

The song is known as the Kanna-Malayalam song as it refers to the Kanna god. The video of the song beautifully presented the pure culture along with the traditional practice of worship.

4. Karuna cheyvaan endu

The beautiful song was composed by Bijibal’s, and sung by Ganesh Sundaram. The song played an essential role in the movie Thondimuthalum Dhrisksaakshiyum. The lyrics by Rafeeq added more value to the beauty and popularity of the song.

5. Keshadipadam thozhunnen

The song is one of the most profound examples of a devotional Malayalam song which was ever released.The reason for the immense popularity of the song is because it entails the story of different gods and beliefs.

6. Krishna nee begane

The song was composed by the famous Bollywood singer, Arman Malik. The beautiful and romantic song was composed by Afzal Yousuff. The song was beautifully featured in the movie Theeram. The song is a famous classical song in kannada language.

7. Alaipayuthey kanna

The song is featured from the movie Godha, and was beautifully sung by Sudha Raghunathan. The song is the evergreen hit devotional song which was perfectly enacted. The song managed to gain wide popularity within and outside of India.

8. Radhathan premathodano

The song is instrumentally played and beautifully composed. The song comprises of different classical instruments which made it softer and was mainly played to relax and worship the God, Radha and Krishna.

9. Achyutam keshavam

The energy of the song along with the magnetic lyrics was the contribution of the brand Oorali. The song featured Krishna Bajan and was merely focused on the aspect of Art of living. The song is the profound example of Malayalam devotional song.

10. Chethi mandaram thulasi

The song has been widely listened by a large number of people across the world. The song is also played in religious gathering due to its immensely beautiful lyrics and melody.

Part 2. Listen to Devotional Songs in Malayalam on Snaptube

Malayalam songs are widely heard all across the world. There is the wide range of fans who love and inspired by the melody and the lyrics. However, in order to listen to the best songs with high quality then Snaptube would be a good choice. Snaptube makes the life easier with its user-friendly interface and quick download options help one listen to the variety of the old and new songs.
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Part 3. Top 4 Sites for Devotional Malayalam Songs

In order to listen to some of the most famous and devotional Malayalam songs, there are different platforms which could assist the listeners in terms of variety of songs. Now let us help you know the best online websites which could be used to listen to these songs.

1. Gaana enables the users to listen to the top and foremost Malayalam devotional songs. The website has the wide variety of songs from the old classical to the modern songs. Moreover, the songs could be easily downloaded from the website.

malayalam old devotional songs

2. Listube

The beautiful and pleasant theme of the website along with the user-friendly interface helps you search quickly. The website has the huge collection of Malayalam devotional songs.

old malayalam devotional songs

3. Imgur

The website is recently launched to facilitate the listeners in terms of good quality soundtracks and easy download options. The website is currently at the growing stage but sooner it will be an amazing option for the listeners to enjoy the thrilling and devotional Malayalam songs.

devotional songs in malayalam

4. Hungama

As the name ‘Hungama’ reflects the thrill which could be enjoyed on this website. The website claims to have the biggest directory of Malayalam devotional songs. The songs could listen online as well as could be easily downloaded. The website is easy to access on smartphones and tablets.

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